Types of Yoga _Explained_

Types of Yoga Explained

“Yoga Cures – Simple and Natural Holistic Secret Yoga Techniques That Will Transform Your Body, Mind, And Spirit.

These Yoga Techniques Will Make Your Ailments, Weight Or Stress Vanish Like Magic, Without The Need For Pills, Grimy Diets, or Endless Suffering From Surgery – 100% Guaranteed!” 

heal-your-lifeTrue health is not just absence of a disease it’s a wonderful joyfulness that should be inside us all the time. It’s a state of well-being not only on a physical but in a emotional and spiritual level. Yoga cures will helps achieve all that and much much more. With yoga cures we can really achieve true health and amazing well-being.

The health benefits of yoga can be tremendous if we practice it regularly and properly. Yoga touches much profound realities that lies beyond our current ideas of health and wellbeing. With yoga you will learn what makes the mind body connection magical, including how to achieve higher states of awareness that lead ultimately to eternal bliss or Samadhi

Yoga teaches you how to take full control and responsibility over your own well being by learning to listen what your body wants and needs. Yoga will helps you to create total balance in your body by rediscovering and tapping on the inner powers within yourself than you had ever imagined you have even had before. With yoga you have the amazing opportunity to renew yourself each and every day.

Yoga not only can help you heal yourself but with it you can do things like slow and even reverse the aging process, reduce stress and much more. With other words yoga has been a practical system to improve the quality of the lives of millions of people since many millenniums at a very profound level.

Yoga will make yourself perfect in mind, body and spirit. But of course like anything you want to achieve in life yogic cures don’t come in one day. We have to practice yoga very day and waken the power within us.

Yoga therapy can helps you achieve boundless energy so you can enjoy your work, relationships and have a lots of fun. If you become tired you can recharge you body and mind instantaneously. You can have vibrant good health since your body cells will be always highly energized. If you truly advance in yoga and if you are injured you could even heal your injuries by yourself. Sound impossible? Well, it is not for many advanced yogis. There are many proves of that in the world.

“How Yoga Cures Work?”

yoga-cure-bowlAs you already may know yoga is the union of mind body and spirit as a whole. Health is the by product of that integrative process. To achieve glowing health we must deliberately cooperate with this process. In yoga therapy and in yoga as a system and philosophy we develop the body as a whole. To achieve success in yoga cures we must think of the body not merely as a physical machine but as a bundle of conciseness as it really is. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

With yoga cures we bring the body and the mind into active harmony with each other and in the same time we recognize our kinship with the universe around us. When you use yoga to heal your body and mind you need to recognize the universal truth that the human body is energy. We all already know that matter in its essence is energy. If the human body is matter then it is composed of energy too.

Western scientists and modern medicine are still in kinder garden compared with the teachings of yoga in every aspect of discovery. They uncovered this truth only in the last century, but it has been known and taught from the yogis from thousands of years. Still many more truths are to be discovered from modern scientists that have been known to yoga and the Indian scriptures since forever. Like for example scientists are starting to say that may be, just may be all mater and energy is made of thought of God. This is all in the scriptures from thousands of years, and if you want to sit and wait until scientists finally recognize this universal truth also, go ahead, I don’t blame you. They will finally do it, but who knows how many more years we have to wait for it. Let me not put our fellow scientists in embracing situation, perhaps is not fair…

So, if you are not ready to wait, just like I am, and you want to extract the marvelous benefits of yoga philosophy and apply them for your own benefit now and for the benefit of others then keep reading.

We already said that the body is made of energy. Countless vertices of energy make up our deeper reality. When these vortices work together in harmony we are healthy happy and life is wonderful. If we are sick, depressed and life is negating and miserable for us, that primarily means that our energy patterns in the body and in the mind are out of balance.

When we practice yoga and we use yoga cures we straighten our energy patterns and we bring them into harmony. In yoga, as I already mentioned in the previous chapter of this article we treat the body as a whole, body – mind – spirit and we as true yogis always strive to unite these tree and bring them back to our perfect true self, our Soul conciseness. And this is done through physical yoga asanas, (hatha Yoga), breathing exercises (Pranayama), healing techniques (mantras, bandhas, kriyas), positive affirmations, healing prayers and visualizations.

However there is one crutail point I didn’t mention and without it we couldn’t possibly succeed in Yoga. And that is Meditation. That’s right; meditation is the most powerful technique to not only heal our body and mind but is also the most essential tool to achieve superconciseness. Through meditation we become more sensitively aware of the body’s subtle energies and increasingly able to harmonize and redirect this energy.



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