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Why Do Yoga?

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Discover Why You Need to Start Doing Yoga Immediately and Why if You Still Haven’t Started Yet, You Are Wasting a Huge Opportunity to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life…

why-do-yogaStill on the fence waiting to someone to come to your life and persuade you to start doing something to change your life for the better? Well if you are still waiting, I hope I will serve you as an inspiration to get you to take your first online yoga class or local yoga class and get to the level of happiness and well being where you want exactly to be in the next few days or weeks.
I will start with the list of some of the most obvious and well known yoga benefits which me and many other people get from their perseverant yoga practice. Although you may amazed or even shocked by the overwhelming list of these yoga benefits, I can tell that we are just scratching the surface here. But I can tell that these will be more than enough at the moment for you:

Regular yoga practice will give you the following benefits:

1. Reduces your risk of getting heart disease.

2. Improves the functioning of your immune system.

3. Helps you to manage stress more effectively.

4. Can help relieve the pain of tension headaches.

5. Reduces the risk of developing hypertension ( high blood pressure )

6. Reduces your risk of developing non-insulin dependent diabetes.

7. Can help improve short term memory, focusing and concentration.

8. Increases your maximal oxygen intake.

9. Strengthens your respiratory system.

10. Helps to boost creativity.

11. Helps you sleep easier and better.

12. Helps the body resist upper respiratory tract infections

13. Increases ability to supply blood to the skin for cooling.

14. Reduces the rate and severity of medical complications from hypertension.

15. Reduces your risk of having a stroke.

16. Helps you to relax.

17. Helps to increase your overall health awareness

18. Helps give you willpower to lose weight.

19. Lowers your resting heart rate.

20. Helps to relieve constipation

21. Improve memory power

22. Increase your life span

23. Helps mind work well

24. Increase virility

25. Makes the body beautiful

26. Control obesity

27. Strengthens heart and lungs

28. Makes the brain strong and the face attractive

29. Shows the path to a disease-free life

30. Drives out tiredness and laziness

31. Makes life eternally young

32. Act as anti aging

33. Regulates blood flow

34. Eliminates pain and helps forget it

35. It inspire us to read and think more

36. Cures all diseases

and more ……

Still not convinced? Hmmm…most of the people would usually suffice with just one or 2 of them, but I see you are from those who want to know if they get it all before they decide if their precious time is not wasted. I understand. Here are a few real testimonials of people who have been invited to participate in a yoga and health study in the United States. Each of the participant have been thought daily to a five minutes yoga practice, incrementing it slowly until it reached one full hour at the end of the year.

The health and well being changes these people experimented where spectacular and very profound and went way beyond any expectations from the students and the teacher’s part. Here is what some of the students said about their experience after finishing with the study:

Linda C. – Colorado

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before I started with this study. After I started with the yoga practice I learned how to listen exactly what my body wants and needs. I totally eliminated the junk foods and sugar out of my life and was able to replace them with a delicious and well balanced healthy diet. I totally broke my old habits and patterns of health auto-sabotage. I was able to get my glucose levels down and I actually started managing my diabetes actually without medication. I seldom experience any of my former constant nagging back pain I used to suffer from, I have increased my flexibility to a levels I couldn’t even remotely imagine before. I can honestly say that yoga had saved my health and even my life…

(A quick note from the author – Ramacharya) – Here I just want to introduce a note of caution. I was shocked to learn few years ago, that some (And I say “some of them” because I totally refuse to think that is every one of them. It would be awful…) of the medical doctors who treat diabetes tells you that you may eat anything you want. Click here to learn more

Hellen. L – Massachusetts

Before I started this project I was suffering from extreme insomnia, depression and fatigue. During the same year I was diagnosed with a rectum cancer and had to go under a knife surgery and chemotherapy. I have absolutely no doubt that yoga had helped me to pass through all these treatments with very minimal side effects. While I was in the project my depression decreased to the point where I actually didn’t need to take any more anti depressants. I am now able to sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Now I know I have all the power I need to change my health and to change my life.

Jane S.

Before I start with the program, I was completely overweight and have been suffering from gastrointestinal problems all my life. I have undergone several bypass surgeries during the past few years. I severely punished and limited myself what I eat otherwise I was condemned to suffer from constant pain, nauseas and vomiting. Since the beginning of the yoga program and developing a daily yoga routine, I almost never have gut attacks and I was abole to expand the spectrum of delicious and healthy food options. I am now also much more acceptable of my body and of that of others. I now can feel I can totally rely of myself and the choices I make in order to be much more healthy and happy. I now am able to choose to live depending of my integrity and beliefs instead of just shutting down to limitations.

Convinced? I bet you do. If you are not, I know you will be, in a short time. How can I tell, well, the fact you have red all this article is telling everything about it. Otherwise you wouldn’t even bother to start the article, let alone to finish it. But anyway I know this article will help people who never started yoga and also to reinforce and encourage people who experienced yoga practitioners.

Here’s what you need to do:

If you still haven’t started doing yoga you can get started here for free.

This is Ramacharya and I talk to you soon…

Stay healthy and be happy!



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