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What Exactly is Meditation?


buddaThe great yogi Paramhansa Yogananda once said. Meditation is the best activity man can perform.

Most people have the image of meditation of somebody sited on the floor in some sort of special posture in a dark room, with an incense or a Ancient music going on on the background.

In fact there is people or I should say Yogis who practice meditation many years in that kind of environment even in a caves, but that’s not a requirement.

These are just a way of simplifying things, to make the meditation practice easier. You can practice meditation almost anywhere.

Meditation is primarily a technique to discover our higher or spiritual nature. Yogis of ancient and modern times have been using meditation to seek wisdom and awareness. To discover a greater consciousness that includes a broader and true reality of life, that we can’t see around us with open eyes.

The most accurate and exact definition of Meditation I can give you is a calm mind focused on the higher aspect of your own inner reality.

Many people associate meditation with mental blankness. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact meditation is a very intense state of awareness. Think about when you have been absorbed in some beautiful view of a sunset for example, you didn’t have to analyze it in order to feel its beauty, you have been so absorbed in that sunset that you weren’t thinking.

Meditation is that level of absorption where you can feel immense love and beauty when your mind isn’t busy thinking about it. So meditation is very opposite of blankness. Blankness is a great abstraction of meditation. Blankness is passivity, dullness, all these things will get you on an exact opposite direction from super consciousness where meditation gets you.

Another aspect of meditation that people get wrong is that they think meditation is a escape from reality. But I can tell you that in fact meditation is a escape to reality. Because what our senses show us is not true reality. Our senses show us that the ground we living on is flat, bit we all know that that isn’t true, our senses shows us that the ground bellow our feet is fixed and it doesn’t move, but the true is that our planet is spinning on its own axes in the outer space a thousands of miles per hour. Our senses show us that our bodies are made from fix matter and every scientists today will tell you that that isn’t true. Because matter is only energy. And energy a byproduct of conciseness.

If a scientist looks at your body under a powerful microscope it will see a vast empty space with some scattering electronic dots of energy here and there. So we call this reality only because we are familiar with it, but in fact this isn’t our true reality that underlies all of creation. You will find that meditation helps you grasp and understand reality on all levels.

By practicing meditation you will be able to work better, have more health, be inspired and happy, attune yourself to others and have better relationships, being more focused and solve problems fast, you will be able to solve all these problems which embrace all kinds of different human realities.

Let’s now see how we can achieve Samadhi. As you may presume, it is impossible to explain this in just one article or even in one book, but at least I will set you in the right direction. And it is not enough only to learn, you have be willing to work first, to practice Yoga and wish that with all our willpower.


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