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Sirshasana – the Headstand

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Sirshasana?

sirshasanaSirshasana or the headstand is one of the most powerful hatha yoga postures. Many yogis call it the king of the yoga asanas, because it has many physical and mental benefits. It can cure many diseases.

If you are short in time and you have to choose between postures chose the headstand. Always remember that in this yoga pose 90% of the weight of the body should rest on the elbows. Very little pressure is applied in the head and neck.

Begin with the child pose and clasp the hands together on the ground before you in front of your face forming a firm tripod position. Then without moving your arms place the top of your head on the ground firmly against your clasped hands.

Don’t move the hands straighten the knees, raising the hips up so that the body forms an inverted V.

Then walk the feet toward your face. Slowly bend your knees and lift your feet off the ground. Bring your heels closer to your buttocks.

Slowly straighten your knees. Hold the position for at lest 30 seconds. Keep the weight on the elbows.

Sirshasana Benefits

Gives rest to the heart

Strengthen the respiratory system and circulation

Rejuvenates the entire body


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