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“Simple and Easy Cleansing Detox Program That Will Make You Slimmer Energetic and Good Looking in 7 Short Days”

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7 day cleansing program Why bother doing a cleansing detox program? Well, because it will:

  • Clear any congestion of toxins that have build up over time
  • Improve joint mobility and circulation
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Provide the proper nutrients to revitalize your system
  • Eliminate heavy metals, pesticides and any other dangerous for your health toxins
  • Gives your liver, digestive tract and your body the boost, glowing health and vitality and all you need to become more efficient, healthier and happier
  • Decrease cravings for junk foods

This easy 7 days holistic cleanse will focus on and include not only diet and nutrition, but also yoga practice, meditation, self massage, pranayama and bandhas and shatkarmas which are natural yogic cleansing practices to maintain you youthful, vital, energetic, healthy and flexible all the time. By including meditation will also give you an opportunity to cleanse your mind of toxic thoughts, gives us inspiration and motivation, help clear and focus your mind and release any harmful emotions and resentments which can be very and I mean very dangerous for your long term health.

This simple cleansing detox program is based on Ayurvedic method which yogis have been using for thousands of years to maintain themselves healthy and fit for self realization.

Ayurveda the ancient natural medicine of India always focus on simple actions which leads to final solutions. In order to get rid of physical and emotional imbalances, we need to act with caution and loving care. It took a long time for your body and mind to get in the shape and condition that are now in. So we need to act lovingly and with respect in order to get it back to balance.

Ancient yogis and Ayurveda refer to the build up of toxins in the body as “AMA” we all know what AMA is…it stands for the American Medical Association…just kidding…lol. To remove ama you must generate and internal warmth or so called “Tapas” and internal fire known as “Agni”.

A holistic approach which includes simple, delicious and healthy nutrition, mild exercise, proper breathing for energy control, relaxation and meditation and gentle cleansing techniques will stimulate Tapas and internal fire Agni and drive toxins and impurities out of your body and mind and will therefore get you back to balance smoothly and efficiently as possible it will nourish and strengthen you while reducing any excess and negativity along the way.

We all have many or a few bad habits, which follows us from our early days and we sometimes feel almost comfortable with them. Bad habits like, eating or/and drinking too much or the wrong foods and drinks, playing too hard and not resting enough etc…

In this article I am going to show you not only how to cleanse your system fast and easy but will also teach you how to get advantage of the Ayurvedic prospective which is preventive medicine and is called in Ayurveda svastha vritta which means: “ establishing oneself in good habits” so you can get a long lasting results. This short cleansing detox program will break your bad habits temporarily and it will change and open you to see yourself from a much better prospective.

How to prepare yourself.

The good news is, you will not have to do any special preparation. This as I said is a simple and easy cleansing detox program which will not involve any complex and weird things to do from your part. The only thing you need to prepare mentally for is to commit yourself to take action and to fit some things to your busy schedule, which won’t get you a lots of your valuable time anyway, I promise 🙂

Cleansing Detox Daily Routine

5 – 7 am – Wake up

1. Clean the Face, Mouth, and Eyes;

Splash your face with cold water and rinse out your mouth. Wash your eyes with cool water (or one of the eye washes mentioned below) and massage the eyelids by gently rubbing them. Blink your eyes 7 times and rotate your eyes in all directions. Dry your face with a clean towel.

(Use cool water or rose water from organic rose petals. Use an organic Ayurvedic rose water, most commercial rose water has chemicals in it that will sting the eyes)

2. Scrape your Tongue

Gently scrape the tongue from the back forward, until you have scraped the whole surface for 7-14 strokes. Idiealy you may want to use an silver or gold ayurvedic tounge scraper but a normal one will do the job also.

To get an Ayurvedic tongue scrapers click here

To get a normal tongue scraper click here

3. Clean your Teeth

Toothbrush with a neem stick. Use roasted almond shell powder or ground neem. Or you can get a non fluorid toothpaste from your health store

To find neem stick click here

To find a roasted shell almond click here

4. Drink Water in the Morning;

Then drink a glass of room temperature water, preferably from a pure copper cup filled the night before.

To find a cooper cup click here

5. Do a yogic cleansing technique called Nauly Kriya.

To learn how to do nauly kriya click here (Video coming soon). Then go immediately to the toilet. Nauly Kriya will ideally, if you do it properly and regularly makes you go to the toilet.

6. Apply a self oil massage to the head & body (Abhyanga)

For vata use warm sesame oil. For pitta use warm sunflower or coconut oil.

Before you bathe massage a thin coating of warmed or room temperature organic oil over your entire body, using long strokes on your limbs and circular strokes on your joints. Follow this with a hot shower and a cool rinse. Do not use soap. The oil is a natural skin cleanser and the hot water will wash most of it away leaving your skin with a smooth, soft feeling. Pat yourself dry with a towel you’ve designated as your “abhyanga towel” to prevent the oil from being wiped off. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your laundry to remove any excess oil that has stuck to your abhyanga towels. If you can, take a 10-minute steam bath or sauna after applying the oil and before bathing (enough time to break a light sweat).

7. Bathing

8. Do your exercise – Yoga and pranayama

9. Meditation

10. Now it is time for your breakfast

Prepare breakfast porridge and eat this in a calm environment while you sip a digestive tea.

To get an organic digestive tea click here

Breakfast: follow the rice porridge recipe substituting these ingredients:

• 1 cup quinoa, rice or oats

• 1 tablespoon ghee or coconut oil

• 1 teaspoon cinnamon

• ½ teaspoon salt

• 3 cups rice milk or water

• Handful of toasted pumpkin seeds

• Dash of Maple Syrup

Drinking warm liquids – Sip hot water and the digestive tea throughout the day.

11. Lunch and Dinner – For lunch and dinner you will be eating kitchari

(Indian Mung bean and rice soup). Below are the basic recipes and suggestions for additional ingredients to customize your kitchari for your constitutional needs.

Chutney: Use the cilantro chutney to add flavor and increase the healing properties of your kitchari.

Snacks – It is never a good idea to snack between meals but if you are hungry and feel like you need to have something to eat, please do. If

you are often hungry, this may be a sign that you aren’t getting enough

nutrients at mealtimes. Before you have a snack, drink a glass of pure mineral water or digestive tea to see if that satisfies you.

Healthy snacks options:

  • Sweet apples
  • Blueberries
  • Sunflower seeds,
  • Pumpkin seeds

12. Afternoon Relaxation – In the afternoon make time for deep relaxation.

Lie down on savasana and do 15 minutes of deep relaxation. That will have a profound effect on detoxifying your nervous system and get rid of negativity from your body and mind.

To get a guided deep relaxation click here

13. Limit your exposure to all forms of media during the 7 days cleansing detox program.

This will help you become more attuned to your internal rhythms. Limit computer and television and long phone conversations as much as you can, especially after sunset.

Other Practices: Practicve forgiveness

You can see this yahoo answer from myself to learn about forgiveness

14. Evening 15 min ½ an hour meditation

15. Triphala (Ayurvedic herbal detoxifying formula) – Approximately

one half hour before bed, take ½ teaspoon or 2 capsules/caplets of

triphala. This formula contains three of the most important Ayurvedic

herbs for detoxification and rejuvenation of the whole body. If you find that

your bowels slow down during the week you can take 4 capsules of triphala

each evening to gently remedy this.

To get an ayurvedic tripala rose click here

16. Go early to bed. Ideally you aim to go to bed 9 to 10 pm.

Hours of sleep before midnight are the most rejuvenating. Therefore you need to aim to go to bed at 10pm till ideally 6am. You will feel much more rested and rejuvenated than if you went to bed lets say from midnight to 8 or 9am.

Ayurveda always follows cleansing with rejuvenation. A purifying lifestyle and delicious healthy and simple diet like the one above is intended to clear our body from impuriries and gives us a fresh, clear quality within our minds and bodies.

During the cleansing and detox phase we have a chance to nourish and

strengthen the positive changes we have initiated in our lives by carefully

choosing foods and activities that will best do the job for this purpose.

I recommend during the 7 days cleansing and detox period you continue to follow this simple diet, drink the digestive tea and sfter that you slowly reintroduce a wider variety of whole foods, and to continue to do the other cleansing techniques. Continue to take triphala. That will help you regulate your elimination patterns. Below is a general guideline for how to add different foods back into your diet during the second week of the after the 7 day cleansing and detox period.

Day 1: Stay with Kitchari and add in some nuts and seeds.

Day 2: Introduce other vegetables, grains, legumes, and natural sweeteners to your diet

Day 3: Introduce some fruits

Day 4: You can introduce some dairy

Days 5-7: Introduce more complex food combinations, small amounts of healthy sweeteners if you like.

Share your thoughts below and ask me any question about this article. I will be more than happy to help.




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