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Sethu Bandhasana – The Bridge

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Sethu Bandhasana?

sethu-bandhasanaWhen performed after the Shoulderstand and the Plough, the Bridge acts as a gentle counter-pose to complement and enhance the benefits of both previous postures. It helps to release any tension from the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine.

Lying flat on the ground bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the floor close to the buttocks. Rise your hips and bring your hands flat on the floor behind your head.

Hold your hips up and your chest open. Breath gently. Soft eyes, calm face. Don’t open your knees too much. Keep your neck and shoulders flat on the ground, feel the stretch of your spine down to your fingertips.

Rise your hips, extend your arms backward. Feel the stretch of your body.

Hold the position. Keep breathing.

Release and relax all of your body. Relax your tights, your hips, your chest your back and arms.

Do it twice. a minute minute and a half each.

Sethu Bandhasana Benefits

This asana will release any tension from the cervical, shoulder and lumbar regions of your body.

Strengthen the tights, pelvis and back muscles

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