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Savasana – The Corpse Pose

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Savasana?

savasanaLying flat on the floor bring the feet apart and allow the toes to fall outward the sides. Your arms are at 45 degrees of your body. Relax your hands allowing the fingers to curl gently. Feel the wave of relaxation slowly moving up from the toes trough the entire body. Mentally relax your toes and feet.

Feel the relaxation moving up the legs, relaxing the calves, the knees, and tights. Bring your attention to the abdominal areas. Feel your abdomen and internal organs relaxing down.

Relax the buttocks and feel the tension slowly releasing from your body. As your entire body relaxes, feel as though you are sinking down into the ground.

Savasana Benefits

Feel the relaxation coming up to the chest, breathing very slowly and gently.

Bring your attention to the fingers relaxing each one of them. Then relax your hands. Feel the relaxation moving up the arms, relaxing the wrists and forearms and then the upper arms.

Bring your attention to your shoulders and feel them relaxed. Feel the wave of relaxation moving up through the neck till the top of your head.

Relax your face. Fell your jaw slightly hanging down. There is no tension in your mouth. Relax your tongue and the your throat. Relax your chin and cheeks, then the eyes and eyebrows, the forehead and the scalp.

Feel how all tension and worries are gone. Now don’t think on your body anymore and instead concentrate in this beautiful and transcendental sound of the nature

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