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How to Relax Deeply in 20 Seconds or Less

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How Relaxation Can Give You Permanent Peace, Radiant Health and Perfect Well being to Your Life In Just 14 Min Per Day

Childhood Dreams catProper relaxation is one of the most important aspects of yoga and meditation. Proper relaxation or Pratyahara or interiorization of the mind is the 5th limb of the eight fold path of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Only when you are completely relaxed you will be able to interiorize your consciousness, redirect your energy toward its source into the brain and therefore bring your mind into control and still your restless thoughts. This leads to release of tension, it puts you in touch with inner sensations and it gives your mind a internal and resting peace.
It is super important to do a proper relaxation before and after you start your daily yoga practice. While Yoga asanas and pranayama in hatha yoga will give you a lots of

benefits, some of which are strengthening your body, energy control and awaken inner awareness, practicing deep relaxation or pratyahara regularly will bring you a supreme relaxation. It will help you to focus and enjoy your yoga routine. It will allow you to extract the benefits of your yoga practice easy and effortlessly. And will help you to develop receptivity, rejuvenate your body, and release and heal any mental and physical discomforts you may have.

When you practice deep relaxation you consciously withdraw from sensations by turning the mind inward. You naturally and effortlessly cease mental worries and enter in a realm of peace. And because your senses are naturally still, your energy become more concentrated and focused. Conciseness becomes far more sensitive when it detaches from the senses. As your senses withdraw, your intuitive mind awakens.

This is in a nutshell how a regular pratyahara or deep interiorization and relaxation will free your conscious awareness from stress, old harmful patterns and self sabotaging habitual thinking.

When you develop a regular relaxation practice and incorporate it in your daily yoga routines, everything will improve. Deep relaxation and withdrawal of the senses will break up stress patterns and flood your body and mind with healing energy.

Here is what you need to do next:

Here is a guided relaxation a use to give to my yoga students on a daily basis, which helps them enormously not only to get more benefits from their yoga practice but in their day to day life also.

Lie on the floor. Turn the palms of your hands upward. Head, neck trunk all your body should be in a straight line. That insures the flow of blood distribute equal in all parts of the body. Remain very still. If there is a relaxation music going on just listen and relax deeply the parts of the body I mention of. If not Be aware of your breath. You may watch it in the nostrils, or simply be mentally aware of the rhythmic rise and fall of your navel.

As your calmness deepens feel your consciousness becoming centered increasingly in the point between the eyebrows. Think of your body surrounded by beautiful healing light. Light and space spreading in all directions to infinity.

Now think of your feet, and visualize the space gradually seeping through the pores of the skin into your muscles, your bones until your feet become that pure light. Visualize this soft soothing illumines light gradually coming up into your calves, thighs, hips, your abdomen, stomach, hands arms, shoulders, chest, neck, your throat, your jaw, tongue, lips, cheeks ayes, face, brain, hair. Your body is now full of this beautiful brilliant light. Relax deeply. Breath naturally.

Release from your mind all regrets about the past, all worries about the future. Rest on the infinite ocean of the eternal present. Give all thoughts and worldly preoccupations into the hands of peace.

Practice this relaxation for at least 5 minutes before you start your daily yoga routine and at least for 10 to 15 minutes after you finish. It is very important to do more than 10 minutes at the end because proper relaxation starts after at least 10 minutes of stillness. Otherwise you will not get the full benefits of it. It is better to cut an asana or 2 but do your relaxation.

Here are some additional practices you can do in order to speed the benefits for your daily relaxation practice:

1. Observe silence. Stay quiet for a day on a weekly basis. Or if you can’t, observe silence for a set period of time every day, let’s say from 6pm to 10pm.

2. Practice voluntary celibacy.

3. Have clean thoughts, pure thoughts. Have thoughts, actions and speech of love, understanding and compassion.

Share your thoughts below and ask me any question about this article. I will be more than happy to help.

Joy to You



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