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Raja Yoga

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Raja Yoga the Royal Yoga

k4The tree major types of yoga we emphasized before – Gyana yoga (Jnana yoga) or yoga of wisdom and discrimination, bhakti yoga or yoga of devotion, karma yoga or yoga of activity, Patanjaly’s ashtanga yoga are really describe the path which every devotee has to walk in order to achieve enlightenment and are one philosophy in different emphasis. They are not different, they need one another to make you a perfect yogi. They complement each other. You need to practice them all in your daily life if you want to reach the absolute truth and merge in the infinite bliss.

The goal of all of these yoga’s is to lead you to eternal silent joy and ecstasy. And if you really want to extract the essence of yoga and get there you need to practice all of them in your daily life. There is no real point in practicing only one of these yoga’s and get only a mediocre result like intellectual understanding of the creation through gyana yoga or just lose weight through hatha yoga and not touch God’s gem, the gem of His garment.

This is the path of Raja yoga the royal yoga. Raja yoga leads you to enlightenment, to superconciseness. Raja yoga is the perfection of all these 3 major different types of yoga along with hatha yoga the physical yoga and meditation. The harmonious combination of gyana yoga the yoga of wisdom and discrimination, bhakti yoga the yoga of devotion, karma yoga the yoga of activity, hatha yoga the physical yoga along with meditation as the supreme guide of all these yoga’s, constitutes the path of Raja yoga, the “royal” yoga.


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