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Health Benefits of Meditation

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“Meditation Will Transform You Own Life Filling it With Joy, Health and Happiness!”

health-benefits-meditationMeditation will helps you achieve healthy and happy lifestyle. Modern medicine has finally recognized that general health can be achieved by a combination of meditation, proper diet and yoga postures. Duh…Even if they didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t wait those guys to wake up, so I can get the treasure of yoga teachings to heal myself.

Anyway, meditation not only can helps you to reduce stress, but it helps us develop a healthy and happy body and mind. Through meditation you release and erase negative mental states like; fear worries, anger and we replace them with positive attitudes like peace of mind, vitality, love and joy.

When you practice meditation every day and you focus within you gradually take control over the inner flow of energy or life force or Prana in Sanskrit redirecting it inwardly.

As a result of that you start to feel more fulfilled, happy and energized and you lose the need of constantly seeking satisfactions from things outside ourselves or happiness through addictions, or endless entertainment like drugs, money, junk foods, excessive sleep, sex or alcohol. This simple control and reverse of the life force energy toward you, has tremendous positive result over your total well being and over your physiology.

Live already has proved to us over and over again that seeking fulfillment outside ourselves in other people, addictions and material possessions will only break his promise and will makes us bored, life negating and miserable at the end. With meditation far away from all these things we regain our ability to enjoy enormously even the simplest pleasures. Remember; joy is within you! Yoga shows us how to find that joy within. We say we are unhappy because we seek happiness in the wrong place! We search happiness only in beautiful clothes, delicious dinners and other material comforts, and we are not aware that these things only will imprison our

happiness in the bars of outwardness.

Mediation is very powerful healing tool. With meditation you will be able to find the happiness within, control the life force energy and therefore stay healthy.

Recent study has been made in patients with type 1 diabetes. They have been toght simple techniques of breathing and meditation and just by that their blood sugar level dropped by more than 76%. If the big greedy pharmaceutical industries discover and made a medicament would flood our minds with hype and would pressure every existing doctor in the world to buy it and use it. Do you realize what such a healing power we have in our hands. And how much its going to cost us? Zich. Zero, its FREE. Just a few minutes spend in silence with your own self.

Joy to You!



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