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What is Kundalini Yoga,  How to Awaken Kundalini and 5 Things You Must Know Before You Even Attempt to Awaken it!”

kundalini_powerIt is a little bit complicated to resume Kundalini yoga in just one article or video but I will do the best I can to explain it as clearly and as briefly as possible, so you can understand it and apply it to your yoga practice and extract the benefits.

To understand the Kundalini and Kundalini yoga we need first to start from discussing little bit of the anatomy of yoga. There are 2 channels called “Nadis” in Sanskrit called the Ida and the Pingala.

The Ida nadi is situated on the left side of the spine and the Pingala nadi is situated on the right side of the astral spine. You can’t actually see them with a naked eye, because these channels are in the astral body.

The Ida and Pingala branch out from the medulla oblongata to meet again at the base of the spine. (See the picture below). At the base of the spine they meet the central spinal chnnel called the “Sushumna” or “Deep spine”. Through these Nadis or channels, energy goes up through the Ida on the left side of the spine when we inhale, and flow of energy goes down through the pingala on our right side when we exhale.

This process of rising and falling of energy in the nadis and the breathing which occurs in the physical body is somehow connected to what in yoga has been called as the reactive process. To understand what I am talking about I will give you an example;

Think about when each time you are happy you feel uplifted and you look upward, you inhale strongly you feel high so to speak. This is when the slow of energy flows more strongly upward through the ida nadi. And in contrast think each time you are depressed or unhappy for some reason, you tend more to feel heavy, low, you feel “downcast”. This is when the flow of energy is flowing down through the pingala nadi. kundalini_ida_pingala

This is in a nutshell the reactive process. This is where your emotional and physical state depends from the way you react to life’s circumstances. That’s why the definition of yoga by the great exponent of yoga Patanjali is “Yoga chtta vritty nirodh” which means: “Yoga is the neutralization of the whirlpools of feeling”. (You can learn how to start neutralizing the reactive process here)

When you neutralise the waves of feelings and neutralise the reactive process, which can be done by withdrawing the flow of energy which flows in the ida and pingala into the sushumna the deep spine and redirect it inward and upward to the spiritual eye then you achieve yoga or union with Brahman or the infinite bliss in spirit.

Now, I had to go a little deep and explain all that, so you can understand as smoothly as possible the next part about Kundalini and Kundalini yoga.

The real spiritual work begins only when the energy has been withdrawn into the deep spine. The task in kundalini yoga and in yoga in general is not merely to try to redirect this energy inward and upward only through yoga techniques, but even more deeply, is to overcome our age-old, delusion-inspired resistance to total surrender to God.

Fortunaltely for all of us, this task as impossible and difficult it may seem, actually is not that difficult and it is not at all impossible. By deep devotion to God and through the practice of kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation, and the other vast array of yoga and meditation techniques this whole process can be shortened by a great extend. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33)

As we said earlier the ida and pingala nadis branch out from the medulla blongata, to meet again at the base of the spine. At the base of the spine they meet the deep spine or the sushumna. If at this point by the practice of yoga, Kundalini yoga, Kundalini meditation, and devotion we redirect this energy into the sushumna, interrupting the process that would send it rising again in the ida, then the soul can at last truly begin its ascent toward spirit.

“What Exactly is Kundalini?”

After I have explained to you the yoga anatomy you needed to know before I go any further, I will now explain what is kundalini and how we can awaken it.

Through the medulla oblongata energy eneters the body from the cosmic source. Positively directed, this energy flows into the brain and to the point between the eyebrows (The Christ center). Negatively directed which simply means away from divine conciseness and divine union and it flows downward to the base of the spine. Outwardly directed, as we have already seen, it flows into the Ida and Pingala assuming secondary positive-negative flux of attachments to material possessions and superficial likes and dislikes which we call the reactive process.

But here’s the thing; whatever energy flows in the superficial spine, or and in the Ida and Pingala nadis, even stimulated by deep Kundalini yoga practice, or any other yoga techniques, is as NOTHING compared to the IMMENSE RESERVOIR OF ENERGY waiting to be tapped at the base of the spine.

This energy is called KUNDALINI in the yoga teachings. It is said that kundalini is “coiled” and is also called the Serpent power. This coiled energy or kundalini at the base of the spine is waiting to be awakened. While sitting down at the base of the spine Kundalini represents the entrenched vitality of our mortal delusion. But Kundalini is also the greatest single key to enlightenment. Only by arousing this great force from its anscient resistance to divine truth can the soul start its ascendance and achieve the final goal of Kundalini yoga and of all yoga which is final and everlasting union with the infinite ocean of Spirit.

To achieve the final goal of yoga which is infinite bliss in God, Kundalini must be awakened and drawn up through the sushumna or the deep spine, to be united with the positive pole at the to of the brain, or the sahasrara chackra (The thousand petal lotus).

“How Can You Awaken Kundalini?”

kundalini_yoga_1By Kundalini yoga, Kundalini meditation and other yoga techniques and by devotion and right attitude.

Don’t make the mistake many people are committing to think that all is mere mechanism. Remember; technique is only a vehicle. Of what use is it to be a technically skilled driver, if one’s driving attitudes are anti social for example?

Concentrating in the kundalini yoga techniques alone without developing right attitudes can prove dangerous. To force your spiritual progress is like forcing a delicate mechanism of a watch.

Kundalini is a tremendous power that lies dormant at the base of the spine. A forceful awakening of it by violent breathing exercises and by certain physical yoga asanas but without any corresponding effort to develop right spiritual attitudes can be very dangerous. Remember the subtle energies of the body with which yoga deals are not just mere mechanisms, but manifestations of consciousness. If you where to treat a horse as if where a machine you would thrown down very fast.

The enormous power of Kundalini can actually destroy the nervous system, if the ruling force in its awakening is not toward devotional inspiration but by egoistical motivation like fame or power to impress or control others.

Do not try to awaken Kundaliny only by mere Kundalini yoga and other yoga techniques. It’s by curtail importance that the awakening has to come from spiritualized conciseness.

So how could we awaken Kundalini then? Which exactly is the correct way?…

(To be continued…)



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