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Karma Yoga – the Yoga of Activity

218700_125330514211403_100002033656099_181282_7221308_oSimilarly as Bhakti Yoga, karma yoga is not a physical yoga. It also leads to deeper calmness and inner freedom, which will helps you reach the ultimate goal of Samadhi. In karma yoga you act in your life with the consciousness that it is not you does all these think but its God acting through you, He is ultimately the real doer. The karma yogi tries more and more to redirect all his wrong impulses into wholesome ones. He is always being aware and reminding himself of the divine energy flowing through him as he acts.
As in bhakti yoga you develop your pure love for everyone and everything in knowing that behind all creation is God Himself, so in karma yoga you know that the infinite spirit or God Himself is that you finally serve and is more important than the service itself.

So action without desiring the fruits of action is Karma yoga. All other activities lead not to freedom and spiritual development but to further bondage. if you always act desiring the fruits of action and you are attached to the result, at the end it will cause you only pain.

No matter what you do, no matter how much you work hard, no matter how much money you have in your bank account, if you always look through the eyes of desire and attachment to the result there will be always something wrong or missing to fulfill you.

“What happened?… I don’t understand, I did everything alright I worked like a donkey I strive to achieve that he likes it but they didn’t liked it. Now I have to work even harder until I impress everyone with my achievements”… or “I have tried it so hard and I failed…there is nothing worth living for”…

Sounds familiar? Life is full of the drama we all build around ourselves. All our lives we desperately draw material things to our egos full of anxieties and unfulfilled desires thinking that this will brings us the final joy and happiness we are looking for. But this never happens, never happens! We are not aware that in every act of desperate desire we cause to ourselves the destruction of the remaining peace we actually have.

In Karma yoga we offer our personal satisfaction or frustration to the divine spirit. We perceive them as small waves in the ocean of the infinite cosmic ocean of bliss. Karma yoga is not about what you do, but how you do it. You need to do the right thing offering all results to God. I don’t mean that all you earn you have to run and donate it to charity. But what I mean you have to always work with the conciseness that behind your every act is God’s infinite power. Always remember that is by His inspiration that you live. See God as the real doer. Accept all fruits of your action with equanimity and don’t be attached to the results of your actions. Offer all to Him and you will succeed in anything. This is real Karma yoga. Along with Bhakti yoga this is the other step toward the ultimate goal of divine calmness and infinite bliss.


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