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How to Get Restful Sleep And Wake Up Renewed, Energetic and Enthusiastic Every Morning. Guaranteed.

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Restful-SleepWaking up renewed and recharged every morning and experiencing deep rest in body and mind is a curtail for you in order to reach your goal toward success not only in yoga but in your anything you want to accomplish in life also.

If you don’t get enough rest at night and you feel exhausted, and agitated in the morning you will not be able to accomplish anything well in your day to day life. This means also that you will not even enjoy your yoga practice and you won’t get the benefits you would get otherwise.
A deeply rested body and mind will produce creativity, focus, renewal and will support you to accomplish anything much more and with much less effort. And since the body and mind are part of the one self, when the mind is deeply rested, the body is also deeply rested.

Here are some of the negative changes that occur when you don’t rest properly at night and/or you don’t get enough sleep:

  • Your heart bets faster
  • Your blood pressure rises
  • You consume more oxygen
  • You sweat more
  • Your adrenal gland pump more adrenaline and nor-adrenaline which constrict blood vessels
  • You age faster
  • Your insulin decreases and you blood level rises up
  • Your immune system is suppressed
  • You are more stressed

If you feel exhausted but even then you cant get asleep easily at night or you wake up in the middle of the night and is difficult for you to go to sleep again, you may suffer from insomnia. Now there are different kinds of insomnia but I will tell you a very effective method to get rid of it very fast.

One of the most effective methods I’ve ever seen and have been very successful way for many of my students for combating insomnia and helping them to get restful sleep at night and to wake up renewed is meditation!

Now meditation is a state when your body and mind system is in deep rest but your mind is awake. While in deep sleep is a state in which your body and mind is in deep rest but your mind dwells into the subconscious and is asleep.

Both states renew your body although there is more than enough proof that meditation will provide you with much deeper rest than sleep if you practice it enough time correctly.

But for our purpose of getting enough rest and to get renewed every morning both are important. You need to get enough sleep and you need to meditate more. Learn more about how to start practicing meditation here >>

If you suffer from insomnia, meditation is a great tool to help you deal with it.

Here are some of the benefits when you get enough rest from sleep and you start meditating regularly:

  • Your heart rate slows
  • Your blood pressure normalizes
  • You consume less oxygen
  • Your breathing slows
  • Your adrenal glands produce less adrenaline and noradrenaline
  • Your immune system improves

Let me tell you a secret that will help you wake up recharged every morning with no exception:

Hours of sleep before midnight are the most rejuvenating. Therefore you need to aim to go to bed at 10pm till ideally 6am. Trust me on that, you will feel much more rested and rejuvenated than if you went to bed lets say from midnight to 8 or 9am.

Here is the way to do it:

If you think this is too early to go to bed, you get up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow and go to bed 15 minutes earlier the next day. Increase that with 15 minuets each day until you are able to go to bet at 10pm. If you do get up earlier you will find it much more easily to go to bed earlier also.

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