“Where is The Key to Happiness? How Can I Find True Happiness and How Does Yoga Help Me to Do That?”

happiness-and-joy-300x200In this article first I will reveal to you the keys to happiness and approach it form a practical and scientific angle as the great ancient teachings of yoga does and have been helping countless millions of people to transform their lives finding success and happiness since time immemorial.

In order to find true happiness and learn how to live a happy life we must first understand and analyze where does true happiness comes from? Many people have the wrong cognition about that. Yoga and Vedanta teach that the true reason people suffer and they find it so difficult to find happiness is that they depend on shallow channels for their happiness. For most people life’s is so difficult, dull and uninteresting because they hold on into body conciseness and material life instead of going to the limitless source of all joy within themselves.

If you are immersed in body conciseness you will be like stranger in a foreign land, and the reason for that is very simple, and is because you are not your body and you are not your mind. You are the infinite spirit. Your native country is omnipresence, infinite happiness and bliss. On earth you are but a traveler. You are just guest on a brief visit. Unfortunately most people make the mistake and make undesirable guests of themselves. They insist of monopolizing a small portion of this earth as their very own. Their constant thought is; “My Body” “My home”, “My wife”, “My husband”, “My children”. Material entanglement, and attachment sweet and boisterous, keep them dreaming through the sleep of maya or cosmic delusion. They forget who and what they really are… Fools imagining the play to be real and lasting, weep through the sad parts, grieve that the happy parts can not endure, and sorrow that the play must at last come to an end. Suffering is the punishment of their spiritual blindness. The wise yogi however seeing the drama for the utter delusion it is, seek eternal happiness in the self within. Life for those who don’t know how to handle it, is a terrible machine, sooner or later it cuts them to pieces.

” We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

If you want to live a happy life you have to first wake up and realize what real happiness is!.. Start seeking the real happiness and bliss within, before your dream of life vanishes into the infinite. When your body drops in death, where will your family be?…”your home”, “your money”, you are not this body, the body is only a plate, given to you that you might eat from it the feast of Spirit. Why not learn this essential lesson before death?

Don’t make the colossal mistake and think like most people that you will find lasting happiness making a lots of money, pleasing other people, get even, indulge in sense pleasures like sex, wine and delicious dinners.

Pleasures seem alluring at first, but if you choose them, sooner or later, you will find yourself enmeshed in endless troubles and difficulties. Loss of health of a peace of mind and of happiness is the lot of everyone who choose to the lure of sense pleasures. Always remember that behind every rosebush of pleasure lies hidden the rattlesnake of suffering and pain. Infinite joy and real happiness on the other hand, is yours once you know the infinite spirit within.

People seldom realize that the price of luxury is an ever increasing expenditure of nerve and brain energy. And the consequential increasing of misery and shortening of their natural life span. People who wait for material possessions to bring them happiness become so engrossed on the task of making money, that they can’t relax even for a second to enjoy their “material comforts”, even after they have acquired them. Modern life and chasing after material possessions is so unsatisfactory. You don’t need to go far to notice this. Jut look at the people around you. Ask yourself; are they happy? See the sad expressions on so many faces. Observe the emptiness of their eyes. A materialistic life tempts mankind with smiles and assurances, but is consistent only in this: it never fails eventually to break all its promises.

I urge you never to say I am not happy again. You are a divine soul. How can something that came from a Divine source be unhappy or deserve the opposite. We are unhappy because we say so. The great Yogi Paramhansa Yoganada once said to a disciple of his who suffered from moodiness: “If you really want to be happy nothing can makes you unhappy, and if you really want to be unhappy nothing in the world can makes you happy”. Remember joy is within you! We say we are unhappy because we seek happiness in the wrong place! We search happiness only in beautiful clothes, delicious dinners and other material comforts, and we are not aware that these things only will imprison our happiness in the bars of outwardness.

Possession of material riches without inner peace, is like dying of thirst while swimming in a lake of pure mineral water. True happiness is not in material riches or sense pleasures. If you continue seeking your happiness that way, you will not find it. We all heart the expression, if I make a million dollars I will be happy, I will be happy when I retire, I will be happy when I merry and have children and so on and so forth, but that never happens, it never happens! A baby cries for a toy only until it gets it, then he throws it away and get something else. Isn’t that the way of the worldly man of his ceaseless pursuit of happiness? As soon as he gets one thing, he losses interest in it, and goes in rushing in pursuit of something else. Nothing in the world ever satisfies him for long.

Your soul can not find its lost happiness in material things, for the simple reason the comfort they offer is false. Having lost contact with divine bliss within, people hope their needs and seek happiness in the pleasures of the senses. But true satisfaction ever eludes who don’t learn this great lesson. They keep seeking happiness in the wrong place rushing restlessly, from one sense pleasure to another, when real everlasting happiness can be find only inside the self. Don’t like a fool, how long must you continue before suffering from satiety, boredom and disgust, you some day start seeking the real joy within, where alone it can be found.

What are The Secrets and Where Are The Keys to Happiness? Learn Exactly How Do You Achieve The Happiness You Always Wanted!”

You already learned and know what is real success and happiness, now let me give you the keys to happiness. Here you will learn exactly how to live happy life and stay happy and successful for ever.

How to Live Happy Life Solution #1 – How to Be Happy Unconditionally and Without Depending of Whether Your Material Desires Are Being Fulfilled or Not

As we said earlier, you are a child of the infinite. What is that mean? It means that whatever is rightfully yours be there material or spiritual will surely come to you anyway, but that your happiness is not conditioned by whether you get it or not. Material desires and sense pleasures will only keep you looking to the future for its fulfilment, instead of realizing that perfection is yours already. You need only to realize more and more deeply your already-existing oneness with all life (You can do that by meditation, see below)

Why feel that you need anything in the Universe, when in truth you are the Universe! Greed and covetousness for material possessions will act like a rope that ties the balloon of your conciseness to the ground and will prevent you from soaring into the free skies of eternal happiness and infinite bliss.

Meditate deeply until you realize that you are one with the infinite!

Remember this and will help you stay happy and serene independent of whether you get more stuff or you don’t get it at all.

How to Live Happy Life Solution #2 – Be Independent Of The Good Opinion Of Others

If you depend of outward circumstances you will never find happiness, if you wait for them to arrange you will never get them right. If someone pushes your button you have to know that is your button, and you are responsible of the reaction after he pushes it. Sometimes you can’t help the rain, but you can wear an umbrella. The next time someone talks unkindly to you, don’t react negatively, just withdraw mentally in the spine and know that as a child of God nothing can touch you. (This is actually a pretty effective yogic technique if done properly). Do not in any way be tempted to insult people or use unkind words. Know that anyone who uses violent word or actions will have to eventually pay its corresponding karmic debt.

Do not judge people. Every action, every single thought we think has its exact effects upon us. Anyone who perform kind actions and use kind words he will eventually reap the benefits of goodness. And anyone who is violent and heart people with evil actions or treat people badly using any sort of unkind words will eventually attract and suffer the exact same consequences once he used against you or others.

How to Live Happy Life Solution #3 – Change Your Reality By Changing Your Perceptions. Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life!

Lao Tzu once said “When you correct your mind, everything else will fall into place”. So, whatever problem you have, whatever bad habits or influences you suffer with for no matter how long, don’t underestimate your ability to change it, and when you correct your mind, in a very short amount of time you can go from someone who had these problems too someone who is living at a very different level.

There is a saying; ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”. See we live in a world that is not material. Yoga teaches since forever and science finally came to the same conclusion that all mater is composed by energy and information. And energy comes from consciences. As you are a conscious being and you are conciseness, and your body and environment is only energy and there is no solid substance you can change your reality by will.

Now you may say, ok I may know what to think, but I don’t know how to change the way I have been thinking and therefore I don’t know how can I find true happiness.

I will create shortly a program called “How to Find Permanent Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles” which will explain exactly how to change your reality and how to live a happy life in permanent success and happiness. I will post it here in brief. And one of the modules of the program will cover how to change the trend of your thoughts; cast out all negative mental habits, substituting in their place wholesome, courageous thought habits, and apply them in your life with unshakable confidence, which is one of the secrets to a happy life.

How to Live Happy Life Solution #4 – Meditation

More about mediation and learn how to meditate click here

meditation-for-happiness-and-bliss300x200In this article I will only focus on explaining how can meditation help you to be happy and successful. In your practice of meditation you will spontaneously learn how to love to other beings. And love is healing. You will develop unconditional love ability. Independent of conditions and circumstances.

You may ask yourself, how is that possible?…Well its possible. You see, meditation will gradually wash your consciousness from any bad habits and thoughts. Now when you don’t have bat habits and thoughts like hearted fear, anger, jealousy or sadness you will not be able to express them anymore, so what is the opposite of these? Love of course.

Let me give you a little example. What happens when you squeeze an orange? What comes out of it. Orange juice, right. Why? Well very simple, because it’s an orange, that’s what’s inside. Is the same thing about you.

When somebody squeezes’ you, telling you something that you don’t like, your reaction doesn’t depend of what he says about you whatsoever. What will come out of you depends of what you have inside. If you have inside accumulated and unreleased anger, it will come out of you, but if you for example have only love, that’s how you will react.

Remember if you see anything wrong outside of you, there is something wrong with you. Joy is inside. Mahatma Ghandi once said;

“The only demons in the world are living in our hearts, there we should do the battle”

Meditation will helps you change bad habits and destructive behaviors by bringing more peace of mind sweeping bad thoughts away substituting them with love and compassion. If you think about it; to a person without peace how is happiness possible? It isn’t. So by meditation you will be able not only to solve your problems, but you will be able to happiness and success in life without depending how other treat you and you will also make the world a better place to live.

I wish you all the happiness and bliss in the world 🙂




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