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Hong-Sau Meditation Technique for Concentration and Spiritual Awakening

Meditation, Spiritual Awakening

meditation1-smPreparation to the simple hong sau meditation technique.

Sit still in meditation posture. Keep your spine straight and body relaxed. Close your eyes. Place your hands on your tights palms upward, as in the picture.

In order to call the body, you have to inhale first and then tens the whole body: now you throw the bread out and then relax. You have to repeat this from 2 to 3 more times.

Now inhale and exhale slowly and deeply few more times. Do the periods of inhalation, hold and exhalation the same length the suggested counts are 10 – 10 – 10, eight – eight – eight, or six – six – six. Very important, is to remember that you don’t have to strain. You need to repeat that from 6 to 12 more times. Before continue to make sure to check the body mentally if it’s still relaxed. After that when you have started the technique you need to periodically check your whole body from time to time to see if it still relaxed. Make your practice slowly and deliberately.

Now we’re going to start with the basic technique. Now when the Breath comes in and flows on its own accord you follow with mentally and chant mentally the sound hong. The most important thing is that you imagine that actually your breath is making that sound and not your mind. Then when you’re breath flows again on its own accord out when it flows out, follow with mentally went the sound so and imagine again that your breathing is making the sound sau (Sau is rhyme with Saw) New line you may from time to time see and feel that your breath stops naturally. When you feel such a thing just follow along this is a good thing, and keep calm identifying yourself we did enjoy the calmness until your breath resume its natural flow again.

Another helpful technique to do with the hong-sau so meditation is to keep the fingers in and out according to the breeding. That is to say when you chant mentally hong-sau you bring your finger forefinger towards your body and you when you chant sau you bring your finger away from the body.

Let’s disclose the first phase of the practice of hong-sau so. If your mind in the beginning feels restless it is good idea to first be aware of the movement of your lungs or your diaphragm or in your nostrils. In such a case it is better to concentrate purely in the physical aspects of your body. That is to say in the rib is bonding of the rib cage the diaphragm or the navel. Then when you feel much calmer her you then may concentrate in the flow of the breath within the body.

Let’s now see the second phase of the hong-sau so technique. Now as your breathing becomes more and more calmer you have to focus your attention where your Breath and the nostrils. Then gradually visualize how this breeding is gently awakening the spiritual eye in the frontal lobe of your brain.

Now let’s see the third phase of the Hong so meditation technique. As you gradually continue to withdraw from the author world and practice the hong-sau meditation you will feel that you will become more and more identified with the bread and less and less it identified with your physical body.

It will be natural for you to feel and to concentrate in the joy between your breaths. Please be aware that you never have to control or stop your breathing at will. You just let it flow naturally in its own accord. That’s the essential part of the hong-sau so technique.

I will tell you for some other important points of this technique. Throughout the practice is very very important, and if you want to truly advance spiritually and achieve great deal of concentration you need to raise your gaze little bit upward from the horizontal line and gaze to the point between the eyebrows, which is the spiritual eye. You need to do this during the hong-sau so meditation. You do this until you feel that the flow of hong-sau it’s actually going into the point between the eyebrows in the spiritual eye. I have to remind you that looking at the spiritual eye, which is in at the point between the eyebrows, you need to do that without any strain and never knot the eyes. Is like a looking afar off peak of a mountain. The gaze is looking forward and just little bit above the horizontal line. Sit very still throughout the practice, any physical movement will disturb your hong-sau so meditation practice. From time to time again check mentally your body to make sure it’s relaxed and calm. I need to emphasize that you need to chant hong-sau so only mentally that’s the basic of this technique.

Do hong-sau meditation for 10-15 min every time before your actual meditation practice.

Watching the Breath Techniques for Achieving Concentration

This meditation technique is actually quite simple and easy. I am very surprised why most people don’t use it. To do that, just sit calm, keep your spine straight and relax as you do for your meditation technique. Then as you feel it just start watching it and observing it with closed eyes. Try to feel it wherever feels comfortable. For different people it’s different. Some people feel the breath more easily in the chest region, and they feel how the chest expands and contracts. For others is in the nostrils region. Do whatever feels comfortable.

Stay calm and watch the breathing, in and out. Just watch and observe it without judging or trying to control it. Now it will be normal when some thoughts start to take out your attention. In this case you don’t judge them either, whenever you recognize that happening you slowly and calmly take your attention from the thoughts and get it back to the breathing.

Do that every time you feel thoughts disturbing you. When you keep doing that, eventually the thoughts will stop bothering you completely. Remember that the yogis say; “When the mind is completely calm, they the light will spontaneously appear.” So this is an essential technique for calming the mind and achieving concentration.

Do this technique for 10-15 minutes every day before your actual meditation.


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