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Hatha Yoga – (The Physical Yoga)

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What is Hatha Yoga? How You Can Benefit From Hatha Yoga

bikram-choudhury-1Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of Physical Postures. Hatha yoga is not a separate yoga philosophy. Hatha yoga is the physical discipline of the wonderful teaching of Raja Yoga or the Royal Yoga.

As you already may know the word yoga means “union”. On a physical level that signifies a complete integration and harmony of all body parts. Performing the hatha yoga asanas we provide to our body such a balanced support for all its parts in such a way that we purge away all disharmony, disease, discomfort or decay. In other words doing simple hatha yoga posses few minutes every day will help us return to our natural state, which is internal bliss. This divine state is the natural condition in which we all must return one day. Hatha yoga will make our body healthy and sound enough so we may achieve this state more easily and effortlessly.

Sure you may use the hatha yoga asanas only to achieve perfect health as most people on the west do (which is perfectly fine), but we will dig little bit further and try to extract every possible benefit from it as well.

The Hatha Yoga Asanas Helps You to Harmonize the Body on a Natural Way and Remove Physical and Psychological Imbalance and Disease.

Applying the yoga teachings to the body we must understand that disease and inharmony in the body are not our natural state. So, what we would do then? Well, simple, we just have to return to our natural state and discomfort and disease will vanish like evil spirit at the dawn of day.

The hatha yoga asanas helps us to harmonize the body on a natural way. Yoga teaches us how to bring our hidden latent powers to the surface and develop them. This way, we are no longer condemned to rely on harmful, suspicious and ineffective medical drugs in order to achieve physical well being.

Therefore, as we now know that disease and physical discomfort is the unnatural and not the natural state of our body, from this day forth we have to make a commitment to ourselves to place a primary emphasis in doing the hatha yoga asanas, even few minutes a day. Hatha yoga posses have been designed to freeing the body of any impurities that may prevent it from normal functioning as it should and destroy all disease.

Yogis from thousands of years (and recently doctors) say that toxins and old age soon leave the blood stream and settle in the joints. Hatha yoga posses keep the joints free of these toxins and the spinal column always well irrigated, but western system of physical exercises and sports don’t.

Doing simple yoga posses exercises a gentle massage on the internal organs and glands, gradually make them stronger and healthier.

Hatha yoga asanas emphasizes a lot in elimination of waste from the body. One of these waists which many people don’t know of is tension. Tension is the main responsible for obstructing this flow. Tension blocks the natural flow of energy in the body. A tense body does not allow physical and mental harmony to flourish. Many ills are directly derived from the disharmony of this energy flow. With cleansing and removing impurities and physical tension, Hatha yoga posses allow Prana (or cosmic energy) to flow freely and this way remove all unnatural obstructions that may cause any discomfort and return to our natural state of well being.



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