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Gyana Yoga or Jnana Yoga. The Yoga of Wisdom and Discrimination

rishi3Similarly as Bhakti yoga and Karma yoga, Gyana yoga or Jnana yoga is not a physical type of yoga. Is the yoga of wisdom and discrimination. In this article I shall reveal to you what exactly does that mean. Practicing gyana yoga you gain wisdom until you grasp the ultimate and infinite truth of God. The wisdom of jnana yoga comes through discrimination, or viveka in Sanskrit.
Jnana yoga means to try to sifting out from all the confusing life appearances that which is the final truth in the heart of creation. And that is God and His infinite love manifested through all of us.

When you practice gyana yoga you always discriminate and try to see that underneed the ugliness and all sorts of human misery. When you for example see that somebody is trying to hurt you or some injustice, always in the first impression cynicism or bad feeling but as gyana yogi after looking more deeply with compassion at heart and applying wisdom and discrimination

you reach the point where you recognize that he too is a child of God who didn’t understand where the true happiness lies, and he is trying to reach it in the wrong direction, and usually people who try to heart others wanting to feed their desperate desires, and finally they end hurt the worst of all. So shouldn’t you feel love and compassion for them?

As you advance in this path and you begin to develop your heart quality you begin to feel and see the love of God in all things. You see beyond fear cynicism you begin to fee great love for people. Because you realize that in every one is God, and he is trying to find joy as each and every one in the world do, but the only thing is that he is looking in the wrong direction.

All the bad actions and mistakes people make in this world are due ignorance. And you as jnana yogi as you look more deeply you see and recognize their poor little heart looking for happiness, looking for love, but constantly going in the wrong direction, constantly bated up and down, back and forward until they fall in death. Is such a sad drama of life, that it’s impossible not to feel compassion and kindness.

So when you develop this quality of gyana yoga you develop this kind of divine selfless love in your heart in such a way that you no longer feel fear or anger and judgement even if people want to hurt you or say bad things about you. For you it doesn’t matter, you know its all God. So by wisdom and discrimination you come to a positive and loving view. And that is jnana yoga in essence. Always try to discriminate of what is true and what is false, but always with love in your heart.

Swami Sri Yukteswar said that until the natural love of the heart develops the devotee can not set even one step in front of the other on the spiritual path. Love is essential ingredient in spiritual development even for a gyana yogi.


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