Yoga Cures

Yoga Cures

Fast And Easy Way to Fatigue Relief and to Get All the Energy You Need in Just 5 Minutes Per Day

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energy-energization-smallerToo tired…if this is the phrase that comes to your mind even when there is something fun and easy to do, you are probably a victim of some sort of a chronic fatigue syndrome or you simply don’t know how to draw from the limitless source of energy which is all around you and how to preserve the one you already have gotten.

See, if you feel tired and you feel that you don’t have enough energy to do the things you need to do in order to accomplish that which you pursue in your life, your will never be able to find the happiness and bliss you are so eagerly looking for. Read More

Yoga for Asthma

Yoga Cures

Vanish Your Astma in Than 30 Days, Using These Simple Yoga Posses and Techniques For Only 40 Minutes Per Day.

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Yoga posses can be very beneficial for asthma. Any inverted position of the head, including the Hare Pose and the Circle Pose (Chakrasana), will be extremely beneficial. The Plow Pose (Halasana) is also very beneficial.

Any forward and backward bend stretch to the neck will help to relive tension there, and to increase the flow of energy (Prana) that is needed to overcome this condition. The forward and backward yoga asanas will stretch the vertebrae opposite to the chest and this way will help to relieve tension and increase the flow of Prana which is often responsible for asthma attacks.

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