Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas

Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A)

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Surya Namaskar (A)?

surya-namaskar-aAfter we relax the body and interiorize our awareness with Savasana (The Corpse Pose) we are ready to begin and absorb the benefits of the yoga postures and loosing weight. I already have already mentioned the hatha yoga postures the importance of being aware of the body and to relax in the postures instead of forcing into them.

Please read this article again and try to remember this every time you perform your yoga routine. Just by doing that you will be much ahead even from many advanced Hatha yogis out there.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation yoga sequence is an excellent warming-up yoga exercise which consists of a sequence of 12 yoga postures that move the spine in various ways and promote flexibility, tone and strengthen your whole body, develop peace of mind, reduce stress, developing balance, gaining energy, and of course reduce fat and lose weight. Read More

Sirshasana – the Headstand

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Sirshasana?

sirshasanaSirshasana or the headstand is one of the most powerful hatha yoga postures. Many yogis call it the king of the yoga asanas, because it has many physical and mental benefits. It can cure many diseases.

If you are short in time and you have to choose between postures chose the headstand. Always remember that in this yoga pose 90% of the weight of the body should rest on the elbows. Very little pressure is applied in the head and neck.

Begin with the child pose and clasp the hands together on the ground before you in front of your face forming a firm tripod position. Then without moving your arms place the top of your head on the ground firmly against your clasped hands.

Don’t move the hands straighten the knees, raising the hips up so that the body forms an inverted V.

Then walk the feet toward your face. Slowly bend your knees and lift your feet off the ground. Bring your heels closer to your buttocks.

Slowly straighten your knees. Hold the position for at lest 30 seconds. Keep the weight on the elbows. Read More

Savasana – The Corpse Pose

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Savasana?

savasanaLying flat on the floor bring the feet apart and allow the toes to fall outward the sides. Your arms are at 45 degrees of your body. Relax your hands allowing the fingers to curl gently. Feel the wave of relaxation slowly moving up from the toes trough the entire body. Mentally relax your toes and feet.

Feel the relaxation moving up the legs, relaxing the calves, the knees, and tights. Bring your attention to the abdominal areas. Feel your abdomen and internal organs relaxing down.

Relax the buttocks and feel the tension slowly releasing from your body. As your entire body relaxes, feel as though you are sinking down into the ground.

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Sarvangasana – The Shoulderstand

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform The Sarvangasana?


Inhale as you raise both legs keeping them together. Place the hands strongly onto the ground to help lifting your body.

Put your hands on your back and push your body gently backwards until you are resting into your shoulders Straighten your back and your legs upward as much as possible.

Hold your hands flat on your back with the fingers pointing toward your spine. Remember your body should rest mainly onto your shoulders and elbows.

Hold the position and breath. Soft face, soft eyes

This asana will stretch and maintain your spine strong and elastic. Also encourages circulation and massages the heart and lung regions of the body.

To come out of the position lower your legs backward and place your hands on the floor. Gradually unroll your body and relax for a moment. Read More

Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend)

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Paschimottanasana?

paschimottanasanaSit straight. Keep the legs together and inhale lifting your hands up, exhale and bend forward to catch the feet as you bring the chest down toward the tights. If you cannot reach your feet hold your ankles or your shins.

Take your chest toward the legs, don’t worry on getting your nose to your knees. Elongate the spine. Bring gently. The gaze is at your feet.

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Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Matsyasana?

matsyasanaWhile lying down place your hands palms downward beneath your tights. Push your body forward keeping your weight manly on your elbows. Lift the chest and drop your head back on the floor. Keep your chest expanded. Remember to keep the weight on your elbows. Only a slight pressure is applied to the top of your head.

Without forcing breath deeply expanding the ribcage and the abdomen. To come down lift the head slightly and lower your back into the ground.

Relax Read More

Halasana (Plough)

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Halasana?

halasanaInhale as you raise both legs keeping them together. Keep your hands strong into the ground, exhale and slowly lower both feet to the floor behind your head. If you are unable to bring your toes into the ground lower them as far as possible. Keep your knees straight.

Hold the position and breath gently. Hold your back or keep your hands on the floor

This posture stimulates the spinal nerves and improves blood circulation to the whole body. Also relieves and eliminate indigestion and constipation.

To come out of the pose, place your feet flat on the ground behind the back and gently roll down your body vertebrae by vertebrae. Don’t hold your breath, and slowly with control bring your feet on the ground.

Breath and relax Read More