Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas

How Can Yoga Help You Achieve Good Health Naturally?

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1838_5-Simple-And-Essential-Beginner%u2019s-Yoga-Poses-For-Good-Health_iSAs I mentioned in my website yoga cures can heal your body and mind very effectively and naturally, Now I want to clarify and mention how yoga really achieve good health naturally.

Yoga is an ancient science of redirecting one’s energies toward spiritual awakening. The practical teachings of yoga however can be applied to all areas in your life in order to stay always healthy and happy. With yoga you will be able to approach life from an inner center of peace and happiness.

For those seeking improve their health naturally, yoga and meditation provide real and lasting health and well-being benefits if they practice regularly. Yoga is an ancient philosophy a holistic system that connects mind body and spirit through a series of asanas (yoga postures), breathing exercises and meditation.

The first and most common benefit upon your health when you first start doing yoga is reducing stress. This is naturally achieved by stretching, strengthening and toning your muscles, ligaments and joints, flexing your spine, performing the yoga postures and focusing the mind inwardly by relaxation and meditation.

That alone will make a tremendous impact above your health in overall, because as we all know stress play curtail role in many illnesses. Many scientific studies show that chronic stress doubles the risk of heart attack for example.

The natural health benefits of yoga are evident and more and more people are turning to yoga in order to restore their health and bring their lifestyles into harmonious balance.

Yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate which reduces the risks of heart disease very significantly.

A recent study back in 2007 showed that Yoga helped to lower the cholesterol levels and improve circulation levels in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. A very promising sign about yoga natural health benefits is the fact that quite a few hospitals and doctors recommend and send their patients to do yoga as post-cardiac rehabilitation programs. Me personally, I have a few students who told me their doctors send them to do yoga.

It is now proven by many studies that yoga helps people lose weight by series of yoga postures, breathing exercises, cleansing yoga techniques and meditation.

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How to Get the Most From Yoga Asanas and Transform Your Body, Mind, And Spirit

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yogasanas-align-with-the-divineIf you practice yoga asanas even rarely, you already know how beneficial and uplifting yoga can be. However, if you want yoga to take you to the next level of health and wellbeing, you must learn how exactly to do the yoga asanas properly so you can be rewarded with its transcendental benefits.

In this article, I am going to teach you how exactly you have to perform the yoga asanas and get the most from your physical or hatha yoga routine.

Your intention behind any action determines the outcome you get in anything in life. I always stress my yoga students that is awfully important what is your intention, your attitude and your thoughts behind any asana you perform in your yoga practice. That means that you have to choose your thoughts wisely. Not only in your daily yoga practice but in life also. Doing relaxation in savasana, or getting on your head in Sirhsasana the headstand, may get you closer to your health and wellness goal or closer to enlightenment, but if you are not wise enough in your yoga practice it can also take you away from it. Read More

How to Relax Deeply in 20 Seconds or Less

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How Relaxation Can Give You Permanent Peace, Radiant Health and Perfect Well being to Your Life In Just 14 Min Per Day

Childhood Dreams catProper relaxation is one of the most important aspects of yoga and meditation. Proper relaxation or Pratyahara or interiorization of the mind is the 5th limb of the eight fold path of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Only when you are completely relaxed you will be able to interiorize your consciousness, redirect your energy toward its source into the brain and therefore bring your mind into control and still your restless thoughts. This leads to release of tension, it puts you in touch with inner sensations and it gives your mind a internal and resting peace.
It is super important to do a proper relaxation before and after you start your daily yoga practice. While Yoga asanas and pranayama in hatha yoga will give you a lots of

benefits, some of which are strengthening your body, energy control and awaken inner awareness, practicing deep relaxation or pratyahara regularly will bring you a supreme relaxation. It will help you to focus and enjoy your yoga routine. It will allow you to extract the benefits of your yoga practice easy and effortlessly. And will help you to develop receptivity, rejuvenate your body, and release and heal any mental and physical discomforts you may have. Read More

Why Do Yoga?

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Discover Why You Need to Start Doing Yoga Immediately and Why if You Still Haven’t Started Yet, You Are Wasting a Huge Opportunity to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life…

why-do-yogaStill on the fence waiting to someone to come to your life and persuade you to start doing something to change your life for the better? Well if you are still waiting, I hope I will serve you as an inspiration to get you to take your first online yoga class or local yoga class and get to the level of happiness and well being where you want exactly to be in the next few days or weeks.
I will start with the list of some of the most obvious and well known yoga benefits which me and many other people get from their perseverant yoga practice. Although you may amazed or even shocked by the overwhelming list of these yoga benefits, I can tell that we are just scratching the surface here. But I can tell that these will be more than enough at the moment for you:

Regular yoga practice will give you the following benefits: Read More

How To Avoid Injury and Grow Stronger With Your Daily Yoga Practice

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how-to-avoid-yoga-injuryWe all know that if you practice yoga regularly can get you fit, toned, flexible, it can strengthen your body, calm your mind and many other great benefits that i can go all they long listing here. But if you don’t practice it correctly and you don’t put enough awareness and be careful enough, you can also injure yourself. According to a recent U.S. Consumer Product Safety Report around 6000 people a year visit their doctor due physical yoga practice related injuries

Why you need to learn this? Well, it’s very simple. If you want to continue with your daily yoga practice, be there at your own home or in the yoga studio and grow stronger and enjoy all the wonderful benefits which yoga can bestow upon you, without suffering any painful injuries putting your health and safety in danger, then you need to read this article where I will show you what exactly you need to do or NOT to do in order to stay in the safe zone, so to speak. Read More

Fast And Easy Way to Fatigue Relief and to Get All the Energy You Need in Just 5 Minutes Per Day

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energy-energization-smallerToo tired…if this is the phrase that comes to your mind even when there is something fun and easy to do, you are probably a victim of some sort of a chronic fatigue syndrome or you simply don’t know how to draw from the limitless source of energy which is all around you and how to preserve the one you already have gotten.

See, if you feel tired and you feel that you don’t have enough energy to do the things you need to do in order to accomplish that which you pursue in your life, your will never be able to find the happiness and bliss you are so eagerly looking for. Read More

Warming Up Asana

Yoga Asanas

Warming Up – Oxygenating the Blood, Improving Circulation and Promoting Flexibility on the Spine Yoga Exercise

warmupStand with your feet slightly apart, inhale and gently pushing the pelvis forward, bend your body slightly backward. Stretch your arms. Exhale and bend your body forward until the hands touch the floor, continue inhaling up and exhaling down. Try to keep your knees straight when you go down. Every time you lean back push the pelvis forward while contracting the buttocks. This will protect you back.

Exhale down, inhale up. Exhale down, inhale up.

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Vasisthasana (Inclined Plane)

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Vasisthasana?

vasisthasanaSit straight. Keep your legs straight. Place your hands flat on the floor behind the hips. Inhale drop your head back, lift the hips as high as possible, the fingers are pointing forward.

Full deep breathing. Your body should form a straight diagonal line from your shoulders to your fingertips. Keep your feet on the floor if possible. If this is too much bend your knees slightly

Come all the way down to the floor.

Relax your chest, your arms, shoulders and tights. Breath gently.

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Sethu Bandhasana – The Bridge

Yoga Asanas

How to Perform Sethu Bandhasana?

sethu-bandhasanaWhen performed after the Shoulderstand and the Plough, the Bridge acts as a gentle counter-pose to complement and enhance the benefits of both previous postures. It helps to release any tension from the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine.

Lying flat on the ground bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the floor close to the buttocks. Rise your hips and bring your hands flat on the floor behind your head.

Hold your hips up and your chest open. Breath gently. Soft eyes, calm face. Don’t open your knees too much. Keep your neck and shoulders flat on the ground, feel the stretch of your spine down to your fingertips. Read More