How to Relax Deeply in 20 Seconds or Less

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How Relaxation Can Give You Permanent Peace, Radiant Health and Perfect Well being to Your Life In Just 14 Min Per Day

Childhood Dreams catProper relaxation is one of the most important aspects of yoga and meditation. Proper relaxation or Pratyahara or interiorization of the mind is the 5th limb of the eight fold path of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Only when you are completely relaxed you will be able to interiorize your consciousness, redirect your energy toward its source into the brain and therefore bring your mind into control and still your restless thoughts. This leads to release of tension, it puts you in touch with inner sensations and it gives your mind a internal and resting peace.
It is super important to do a proper relaxation before and after you start your daily yoga practice. While Yoga asanas and pranayama in hatha yoga will give you a lots of

benefits, some of which are strengthening your body, energy control and awaken inner awareness, practicing deep relaxation or pratyahara regularly will bring you a supreme relaxation. It will help you to focus and enjoy your yoga routine. It will allow you to extract the benefits of your yoga practice easy and effortlessly. And will help you to develop receptivity, rejuvenate your body, and release and heal any mental and physical discomforts you may have. Read More

What Exactly is Meditation?


buddaThe great yogi Paramhansa Yogananda once said. Meditation is the best activity man can perform.

Most people have the image of meditation of somebody sited on the floor in some sort of special posture in a dark room, with an incense or a Ancient music going on on the background.

In fact there is people or I should say Yogis who practice meditation many years in that kind of environment even in a caves, but that’s not a requirement.

These are just a way of simplifying things, to make the meditation practice easier. You can practice meditation almost anywhere. Read More

3 Easy Steps to Restful Meditation – The Definite Guide to Joy Happiness and Peace

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By Ramananda

So you are into yoga, you practice yoga you already saw or at least you are on the way to see and feel its powerful health and spiritual benefits so many people already experiencing throughout the world and they multiply by the minute.

But in order to reap the real benefits every sincere yogi should strive to achieve and to complete the circle of the entire yoga science and philosophy you need to meditate. Before I go deeply into the tutorial of correct meditation, let me tell you quickly what meditation is and why you should learn and start meditating today:

Meditation is primarily a technique to discover our higher or spiritual nature. Yogis of ancient and modern times have been using meditation to seek wisdom and awareness. To discover a greater consciousness that includes a broader and true reality of life that we can’t see around us with open eyes. Read More

Health Benefits of Meditation

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“Meditation Will Transform You Own Life Filling it With Joy, Health and Happiness!”

health-benefits-meditationMeditation will helps you achieve healthy and happy lifestyle. Modern medicine has finally recognized that general health can be achieved by a combination of meditation, proper diet and yoga postures. Duh…Even if they didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t wait those guys to wake up, so I can get the treasure of yoga teachings to heal myself.

Anyway, meditation not only can helps you to reduce stress, but it helps us develop a healthy and happy body and mind. Through meditation you release and erase negative mental states like; fear worries, anger and we replace them with positive attitudes like peace of mind, vitality, love and joy.

When you practice meditation every day and you focus within you gradually take control over the inner flow of energy or life force or Prana in Sanskrit redirecting it inwardly. Read More