Energy & Energization

Energy & Energization

8 Yogic Tips to Stop Negative Energy

Energy & Energization

how-to-stopToday I want to talk to you about how you can stop a negative energy that can harm you.

But before we start with the actual steps to stop and neutralize bad energy let me clarify something.

We are energy! Today is even quite easy to say that, because science already discovered that fact. Yoga of course teaches this since forever, but as the majority of our culture is still scientific and not Vedantic, scientists have actually failed to recognize the evidence that yoga and Vedanta have an enormous advantage and instead of learning from it, they just keep ignoring it over and over again.

The problem with that is if you are close minded as some other people are and you fail to recognize that the path to not only unmeasurable happiness but also to eternal bliss is union with the Divine, which yoga actually is, you will inevitably suffer. Just look up the world around you, all that scientific breakthroughs, all that material comfort people create and are people happier because of it? No, in spite of all the technology and advancement in the world, happiness and satisfaction seems to slip away from our grasp and people ar4e actually less and less happy instead of the opposite. Read More

“Simple and Easy Cleansing Detox Program That Will Make You Slimmer Energetic and Good Looking in 7 Short Days”

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7 day cleansing program Why bother doing a cleansing detox program? Well, because it will:

  • Clear any congestion of toxins that have build up over time
  • Improve joint mobility and circulation
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Provide the proper nutrients to revitalize your system
  • Eliminate heavy metals, pesticides and any other dangerous for your health toxins
  • Gives your liver, digestive tract and your body the boost, glowing health and vitality and all you need to become more efficient, healthier and happier
  • Decrease cravings for junk foods

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Fast And Easy Way to Fatigue Relief and to Get All the Energy You Need in Just 5 Minutes Per Day

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energy-energization-smallerToo tired…if this is the phrase that comes to your mind even when there is something fun and easy to do, you are probably a victim of some sort of a chronic fatigue syndrome or you simply don’t know how to draw from the limitless source of energy which is all around you and how to preserve the one you already have gotten.

See, if you feel tired and you feel that you don’t have enough energy to do the things you need to do in order to accomplish that which you pursue in your life, your will never be able to find the happiness and bliss you are so eagerly looking for. Read More