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How to Awaken Your 7 Chakras

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“What Are The Chakras And How Exactly You Can “Use” Them to Achieve Supreme Health, Wealth and to Awaken Spiritually”   

the-chakrasToday I want talk to you about how to open your 7 chakras. But before we dive in and get to how you can open the 7 chakras, let me first tell you for those of you who don’t know what exactly a chakra is. The chakras are part of what in the yoga teachings is called our spiritual anatomy. Just as there is an anatomy to the physical body and maps of the physical world, so also there is a definite exact anatomy of the energy and casual worlds, as well as maps and guidelines to follow along the path to inner awakening.

If you understand this spiritual anatomy, then you will find it much easier to not only waken your 7 chakras, but also to get to the point where all living beings so much yarn for. Muksha a complete freedom in God. Infinite bliss.

In order to awaken the 7 chakras you first need to fully understand what exactly the chakras are, where are they located and what are their exact functions. You will find many explanations of the chakras, but sadly most of them fail to explain this so important part, and therefore prove to be incomplete and ineffective.

At the end of this presentation, you will know more about how to awaken your chakras than 99% of people out there, and even more than many advanced yoga teachers.

Now, I have to warn you, the real problem is that if you do not follow a proper guidance under the supervision of a good yoga teacher, and you do not try to align your conciseness to the divine Will and develop positive attitudes in life, like love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion and you only try to awaken kundalini and in this case open the chakras only through a physical means like forceful pranayama breathing, you may suffer injuries and even destroy your nervous system. For example, not many people know that but you really should not even try to awaken your 7 chakra, the crown chakra, which is situated at the top of the head. You will find out why later in this presentation, so watch carefully.

The vast majority of people out there believe that we only have one body. When in reality the yoga scriptures say that we actually have 3 bodies.  The first body is the physical body. This is the physical body as we all know it. This visibly dense body is born, grows, changes, decays and then dies. The second one is the astral body, the astral body is connected to the physical body by a subtle thread along with vital current pass.  An ordinary un-enlightened human being cannot actually see the astral body with its own eyes because it’s vibrating on a more subtle level, a different frequency, than that of a gross mater.

As an aspiring yogi you need to understand that everything in this world is a vibration of energy and if one you are not enlightened enough you cannot see beyond the perception of gross mater. And that’s fine, that’s why we are all here, to learn so one day we all become great saints. Only highly evolved spiritual beings can see the astral body and the astral world which is just behind this physical world, only that they are vibrating on a more subtle level.

The astral body is composed by 7 vibratory centers or swirling wheels of energy which are called chakras in Sanskrit. Chakra means wheel or circle. The chakras are connected by the subtle astral spine or the sushumna, along with 72.000 nadis or channels of energy in which subtle life force or prana flows.

Many pictures of the chakras are depicted like this when in reality the astral body depicted with the nadis actually like this:

chakras-nadisThe astral is our energy body. The astral body is the animating energy, it’s the blueprint for the physical body that we see. It’s in this body where we continue our existence after physical death, in the astral world. After the death of the physical body the soul remain encased in the subtler astral body. The soul animates the astral the casual and the physical bodies, that’s why at the time of death when both the astral and the casual bodies are separated from the physical body the physical body literally disintegrates within a few days. Because what animates it and keeps it alive is the jiva, the individual spirit, and that individual spirit expresses itself in the material world, through the medium of the astral body which the chakras are part of. The chakras are our transition between the non-material and the material world.

Watch This Video To Learn More About the 3 Bodies

Is in the astral body and more exactly in the chakras where our soul stores the subtle impressions of all past good and bad actions you made in your life and all past lives. This is very important because this will determine every aspect of your next physical birth. This is one of the reasons why you need to always strive to live righteously and attain good karma, but above all to love God. I will talk more about this later. First let me tell you how the chakras relate to our physical body.

The chakras in the astral body, correspond to the spinal plexuses in the physical body.

From each chakra in the astral body streams of energy or life force – prana flows out to provide the nerves and the different body parts. That’s why chakra healing is possible, because when we adjust mentally and spiritually each chakra, all the corresponding body pars also get healed.

However I’ve got to warn you, is very tempting to convert yourself in chakra Doctor. I have seen many many people through the years make this exact mistake. Heart disease for example may not have anything to do with your heart chakra. It might be connected to the different cause, like for example some karmic lesson that you have to go through. We will talk about this later on.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it’s called muladhara chakra or coccyx center.

define_chakraThis center radiates the nerves to go to the lower parts of the body, the anus and the legs.

An inch and a half above the first chakra is the swadistan chakra or sacral center.

The nerves from this center operate the reproductive system.

Opposite the Naval in the astral spine is the manipura chakra or lumbar center

the nerves from which operate the digestive system, and all the internal organs and glands in the abdominal cavity (spleen, liver, kidneys, adrenals, etc.)

The fourth chakra or the anahata chakra is at the region of the heart in the spine.

From this chakra, nerves radiate out to the heart, lungs, chest, arms and hands.

The fifth chakra is the bishudha or cervical Center,

from which nerves radiate to the throat, neck and vocal cords, this chakra is opposite the throat in the spine.

The 6th chakra or ajna chakra is located in the point between the eyebrows.

The negative pole of this chakra is at the medulla oblongata, at the base of the brain, just above the place where the skull connects with the neck. The medulla oblongata is also called the mouth of God, because this is the exact point trough which cosmic energy feeds the entire body with prana (life force). This is the main reason why this point is so delicate. You can operate everywhere in the body except that point. Because this is actually the seat of life.

The seventh chakra is the sahasrara chakra.

This chakra is located at the top of the head. This chkara is also known as the thousand petal lotus, or crown chakra.

When you awaken all the seven chakras, when you release their energy to flow upward, you will not only be in perfect harmony and health but you will develop specific yogic powers. That’s because each chakra has its corresponding material element. For example when you awaken the muladhara chakra which is connected to the earth element you will develop an ability to become extremely heavy.

When you awaken the second chakra or the swadistana which is connected to the water element, you can develop the ability to walk on water. When you awaken the third chakra or the manipura chakra you will develop the ability to walk on fire without being burnt. When you awaken the anahata chakra you will develop the ability to levitate, because this chakra is connected to the air element. And finally the ability to expand your consciousness beyond the confines of your body when you awaken the bishudha and the ajna chakras, as they are connected to either and a super ether elements.

When you become a highly evolved spiritual being, you will undoubtedly experience these powers. No matter whether you have been educated in the yoga tradition, in the Christian tradition, or the Buddhist tradition. Saints Teresa of Avila was a Christian saint who lived in Spain in the 1500s about which many stories say that she levitated when she prayed. All she didn’t want to draw attention to herself she often tried  ineffectively to hold on to her seat, so she not to rise into the air. And there are many more stories in the East as well and the West describe stories of levitating Saints.

The sushumna or the astral spine is in the astral body and it extends from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and on that energy channel the sushumna are these concentrated points energy or the chakras. The chakras represent vibrations of conciseness from very material to very spiritual. And they extend from the sixth chakra the ajna chakra which is located at the point between the eyebrows which represents our atunement to spirit in our understanding of ourselves as entirely spiritual beings down to the first chakra which represents the quantity of Earth

which represents ourselves as fully manifested into the material world. However that doesn’t mean that the Earth chakra is bad and the ajna chakra is good, because all the chakras have to work in balance in order for us to awaken them fully and for us to live in this world in the right way and progress from material consciousness to spiritual enlightenment. All of the chakras are necessary for us in order to incarnate in this life and into the next. Remember every chakra has a positive way to express itself and a negative way to express itself. When you use properly the quantities of each chakra you enhance your relationship with God and your spirit will expand more and more until you reach enlightenment, and on the other hand used improperly it will bind you to an ever deeper sense of delusion and suffering.

What you want to do is turn the quantities of each chakra in an upward moving direction, so you can fully awaken them, and achieve perfection in spirit.

The first chakra the muladhara chakra or coccyx center

is connected to the Earth element, which represents the commitment of the quality of matter. Earth is grounded and fixed. If we want to advance spiritually the Earth element has to come into play. To not only waken your 7 chakras but to achieve anything in life you need to be determined, focused and firm. What the first chakra represents above all is security. Rightly expressed the earth chakra grounds you in the security of divine truth and in the confidence in the commitment of that truth. The earth element too exaturated makes you draw your security from Earthly material possession and not recognizing that true security comes from God. The negative side of the Earth element is instead of you having loyalty to truth you become delusional thinking that security comes from the material world. You start to think that in order to be secure you need money, you need people that really likes you, you you have to own stuff, you need a big secure car, and you need people around you so when you get old they could take care of you and on and on and on…

The other quality of the earth chakra is the quantity of loyalty. Loyalty is the first law of God. When you make a commitment, you have to keep it. You can be very loving and kind to others, but if you don’t have loyalty then is not really a loaf is it? The same principle applies to not only to a human level but also about God. The other side of that quality is when your loyalty become stubbornly stupid. Then you can become inflexible, and incapable of learning anything new. When our loyalty becomes fanatical is because is not balanced by the water and air elements of the other chakras, which we will be talk about in a moment.

The second chakra or the swadistan chakra

is connected to the water element. The thing about fluid and adaptable. If we have a cup full of water the water itself has adapted the form of that cup. If you pour this water on the floor, it will effortlessly and momentarily adapt the form of that floor, without changing its basic nature. It will be still water. Water has the earth element, it knows what it is, but it it’s able to move and go where it needs to go, and engage in a surroundings, but it never loses itself. This chakra is also the chakra of sexuality, but sexuality is a form of a creativity. The higher form of the second chakra is actually a chakra of flexibility intuition and creativity. The nature of the creative force is that is not bound by a fixed form. And what intuition and creativity allows you to do, is to take what you know and use it in this unique moment. So if you have too much of the earth quality, you will be stuck in only the same place and you will not be able to advance. On the other hand if you’re only water and you don’t have earth in you, you will flow in which ever is around you but you will lose your anchor point of your own reality, and you will not be able to have your own clear path in which you will be able to flow. And if you want to awaken your seven chakras and if you have a divine intention in your life you have to have loyalty you have to have also a quantity of the earth element so they can be perfectly balanced. You can’t just go from ashram to ashram from Guru to Guru from path to path, I am a yogi today and then I am a Buddhist tomorrow, today I will do that technique tomorrow the other. You don’t have any Earth. You become as the expression of wishy-washy. You have no Earth element, and whichever way the wind is blowing you go after it, you have no loyalty. If you only have Earth and you have loyalty, but no flexibility and if you have a lots of flexibility but not loyalty you can see you’re not going to go far in anything that you want to achieve. You need to perfectly balance these 2 chakras the water and the Earth elements.

The third chakra or the manipura chakra

is connected to the fire element. This chakra is a crucial not only for the awakening of your 7 chakras but for your spiritual advancement. All 7 chakras are equally important, but this chakra is a focal point, and I’ll explain why in a moment. It’s like an engine, an engine requires oil which is an Erath element and water to run but if there is no spark to ignite it, it will just never be able to function. Whenever you decide in your life that you need to achieve something you always wanted, you want to make a difference in the world, you want to change yourself for the better to become spiritual and achieve ever new bliss it takes more than just a watery idea, it takes more than saying well… I think I can do that, I’ll see where the current takes me, it takes a fiery commitment. The creativity of the water, requires fire to make it happen. The fire represents energy and willpower. Whatever we want to achieve without those 2 elements it would be impossible. Just imagine a small light of a candle looks week and little, but it can burn and completely transform the reality of a let’s say a huge building to ash. So used rightly, that willpower will transform all of your karma and everything that it’s limiting to you. And used wrongly this willpower this fire can consume everything around you. And we can look our live and see that you have all the loyalty necessary in order to succeed in your cause, you have all the creativity in the world, you are full of brilliant ideas but if you lack the dynamic willpower required to make them happen, you will not going to get anywhere. That’s why the manipura chakra’s fire quality is so essential. In the Bhagavad Gita the 5 Pandavas brothers represents each one chakra. And Arjuna represents the manipura chakra, if you have read the Bhagavad Gita (And if you haven’t I suggest you do) you must know that even though they are all powerful warriors the entire success in battle against evil depended on Arjuna. Because unless you put your willpower behind your ideals and put your energy forth with real determination then nothing will ever happen in your life the way it must be. This is the chakra in which you have to decide that you are going to actually do battle. Because this chakra is in the middle as this chakra goes, so do all the chakras. If we use our willpower in a downward moving direction it pulls everything down with it. If we use our willpower in an upward moving direction it pulls everything else up with it. When that fire is in place, then anything is possible. If you see people who are passive it is never attractive, it’s never pretty, it’s not like you are going to look at them and say oh great, I want to be just like them. The people who really attract you in life are the people who accomplish great things in life. They have applied this fire principle in their lives and they work hard to move forward. At the same time if the manipura chakra the fiery element is not balanced by the creative flexibility of the water of the second chakra the swadistana then it becomes a ruthless kind of willpower, this amazing transforming fire can become burning and destructive to you or others. This is where fanaticism can occur. You can see the negative consequences of spiritually unbalanced evil powerful people like greedy politicians or dictators, like Hitler or Stalin, without the earth element where there is no loyalty, intuition or creatively directed toward true higher principles but just fire burning, it becomes awefully destructive to others and to them.  In order to succeed in the spiritual path and in any endeavour, you need to have all 3 qualities in place. You need to be loyal to higher spiritual principles, creatively applied with a lot of willpower. Always remember your power is not given to you to be used to step over others but to recognize that it comes from God and it’s to be used for self-mastery and to upliftment of mankind.

The fourth chakra or the anahata chakra.

The heart chakra is connected to the air element. So the Earth is fixed, water has more flexibility, fire transmutes everything, and then what happens is when we get to the air element. Air is free is formless, this is where we begin to unite our individual consciousness to the other people’s consciousness. That’s love. The air chakra can be expensive and it can diminish our egoic identity but it can also be ungrounded. So if you go too much by your heart but you if you don’t have willpower you lack creativity and intuition and you are not grounded with loyalty to higher principles you will just end up being ungrounded like a free balloon in the air without any direction. So if the chakras are not balanced, then willpower is not directed in the right way or willpower is selfishly directed, then love and the feelings of the heart just become drawn to selfishness or the desire to control others. But if loyalty to higher principles, intuition willpower are applied upwardly then the heart begins to open and the energy will begin to flow automatically upward and you will be able to open your chakras. You will notice some people are really expansive and include everyone in their ideas but if you watch them closely they float around directionless like a balloon without a purpose, they lack the force the loyalty and the commitment to achieve anything significant. So ideally when you have open all your lower three chakras by the time you get to the heart chakra and you really begin to love with that power behind, your love will become really powerful. You are loyal to those people who rely upon you, you will be absorbed in your spiritual practice and you will be able to uplift and help others and you will be able to accomplish everything you so desire.

The fifth chakra is the bishudha or cervical Center,

is connected to the ether element. This is the chakra of communication. Ether is different than the air element. Ether is the whole all pervasive quality of the space itself. The trouble with love that emanates only from the heart is that becomes too personal and selfish, instead of actually being a free channel for divine love. I love you only because you love me and I only love you because you give me cookies for example. There was a very interesting very popular YouTube video a few years ago, and there was this child who was saying to his mother yes I love you mom but only when you give me cookies. Although this is a very cute and innocent example of what they want to convey to you it’s a very accurate example. And it’s better than to not love at all but it still limits us and it still defines us by the things we desire and the things we want to possess and buy this limited definite mortal human body. The spiritual masters they don’t draw any distinctions, everyone for them is a God’s child. And they know that God loves everybody equally God loves you as much as he loves me. We think that some people that have evil qualities evil tendencies are less loved by God but we are all his children he loves us equally and eventually everybody has to learn his lessons and come to the same point of realization that the great masters have come to. It is old yoga saying that that says; a saint is a sinner who never gave up. And if you want to awaken your seven chakras and achieve muksha or complete liberation and eternal bliss you need to affirm this same reality. The positive quality of the bishudha chakra is calmness. When you have awakened this chakra you become calm in any circumstance. Even in in the midst of difficulty. And when you are calm you will be able to achieve anything much more efficiently. As the great yoga teacher Paramhansa Yogananda the put it; you will become unshaken even in the midst of crash of breaking worlds. The negative side of this chakra is apathy. And to be apathetic is not the same as to be calm. Calm is one of the eight manifestations of God. Calmness is very very powerful. Sometimes you hear incredible stories of heroes in the midst of battle or in the midst of great disasters who with extreme focus and no emotional agitation achieve nearly impossible things. If the soldiers become apathetic, then he will just stand in the midst of battle and not help to his fellow comrades, then they will just all going to die.

These 5 chakras that we have talked about so far define our outward personality and how it’s expressed in this world. If you have all these five chakras open and in perfect balance, your loyalty to your guru or to the people around you will be profound, your willpower will be stunning your intuition your ability to love will be great and you will have a complete calmness, all these qualities will be operating in your advantage, and you will become an extremely balanced person of great happiness and success. This usually can be accomplished through the process of karma of many incarnations. But the good news is that at the end of this presentation I will give you the exact techniques and attitudes you have to develop in order to bypass oldies and open your seven chakras really fast.

The 6th chakra or ajna chakra is located in the point between the eyebrows.

The element of the six chakra is the super ether. All of the energies of the five lowest chakras needs to be ruled by the positive pole of the 6th chakra or the spiritual eye. Because this is the chakra that puts you in tune with God’s will. And what is stronger and more powerful than the will of God. The difficulties of all these chakras is that if they are not running in tune with God’s will well then God alone knows what you might do.

As I mentioned earlier the negative pole of this chakra is at the medulla oblongata, at the base of the brain, just above the place where the skull connects with the neck. The medulla is not a separate chakra. The medulla is the seed of your ego. The ego is the infinite spirit identified with the mortal body. The point between the eyebrows or spiritual eye represents individual will guided by God’s will. In this chakra is where individuality meets infinity. Both the spiritual eye and the medulla represents the Jiva the individual soul in each and every one of us. And that’s one of the reasons why this chakra is so special. You have a unique destiny, your karma brings you into manifestation your Jiva expresses itself through all of these different chakras, each one finding its own vibration and then directing that vibration upward by being coordinated from the spiritual eye. By meditating at the spiritual eye you start to pull your identification to attunement with superconciseness. Instead of identifying with the limited body you start to identify with the infinite reality. And once you identify with infinity, then you will be just a step away from being a great yoga master just one step away from enlightenment. Then all of the good qualities of the rest of the chakras that weve talked about so far will be manifested in you, but they will be manifested in atunement with Gods will.

The seventh chakra is the sahasrara chakra.

This chakra is located at the top of the head. This chkara is also known as the thousand petal lotus, or crown chakra. This is something not many people will tell you because they simply don’t know but if you try to awaken the seven chakra forcefully you may make a great damage to yourself. And this is because you have to access it through the sixth chakra. Once all the 5 chakras have been awakened and come under the conscious guidance of the spiritual eye, then that automatically will open a channel for the seventh chakra. If you try to awaken the 7th chakra alone and not trough the spiritual eye and developing all the positive attitudes of the rest of the chakras, it will make you “neurotic” by causing an imbalance of the electrical current in the brain. You absolutely must go through the doorway of the spiritual eye first and then a subtle passage will open to the crown chakra, therefore you have to simply focus at the spiritual eye and not the crown chakra.

This way of approaching the chakras is a true yogic way about building the right qualities to move through the world in harmony and grace and atunement to God.

You can use this guidance that I gave you so far and look your own reality and ask yourself where I am strong and where am I weak. If you recognize for example that you have a lot of commitment and a lot of willpower, but not a lot of flexibility, then is the second chakra that you need to work with. Even though that was really an extensive explanation of how to open and awaken your 7 chakras, truth is we have only scratched the surface here. There is so much more that you can do with the chakras in terms of physical healing, material success or harmonious relationship, happiness, etc etc, if you want to learn the exact techniques only very advanced yogis use to quickly awaken and open your chakras and start to live your life to its fullest potential, then just click the link below this artcile.

God bless you



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