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8 Yogic Tips to Stop Negative Energy

Energy & Energization

how-to-stopToday I want to talk to you about how you can stop a negative energy that can harm you.

But before we start with the actual steps to stop and neutralize bad energy let me clarify something.

We are energy! Today is even quite easy to say that, because science already discovered that fact. Yoga of course teaches this since forever, but as the majority of our culture is still scientific and not Vedantic, scientists have actually failed to recognize the evidence that yoga and Vedanta have an enormous advantage and instead of learning from it, they just keep ignoring it over and over again.

The problem with that is if you are close minded as some other people are and you fail to recognize that the path to not only unmeasurable happiness but also to eternal bliss is union with the Divine, which yoga actually is, you will inevitably suffer. Just look up the world around you, all that scientific breakthroughs, all that material comfort people create and are people happier because of it? No, in spite of all the technology and advancement in the world, happiness and satisfaction seems to slip away from our grasp and people ar4e actually less and less happy instead of the opposite.

This is because people fail to recognize that happiness comes from within. It comes from the source, it comes from the spirit, from conciseness.

Why am I telling you all that, well because first you need to understand and recognize that energy is part of that inner reality. Energy is a vibration and is the connecting link between conciseness and matter, between mind and body. And energy in the ultimate sense is a manifestation of conciseness. I’ll give you an example; When you will to move your arm for example, the energy acts upon the muscles of the arm tensing them and making your arm to move, but if you don’t send any energy to it by will it will remain motionless.

That is precisely one of the reasons people are so unhappy, because they fail to understand that principle and they still think that gross matter is all that matters when in fact energy rules over matter. And conciseness rules over energy. Peoples suffering is intimately connected to their ignorance about and the misuse of their energy.

The very atoms which our physical bodies are made of are pure energy! And the more you maintain your consciousness of this undeniable reality, the easier will be for you to learn how to get more energetic and rise triumphant over the burden of sluggishness, the bondage matter and also to neutralize and protect yourself from the suffering caused by negative energy.

The good news is that in this short presentation I will give you step by step to protect yourself and stop any negative energy that is redirected to you and avoid the consequent suffering by it.

Step #1

The first step on how to stop negative energy is to not be around people that are negative toward you or negative toward life at all as much as you can. If it’s impossible for you to avoid such people because they are part of your daily life then use the steps which I will outline for you below as a protection shield and you will be fine. But this is the first and the most essential step you must do. The great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda once said that environment is stronger than willpower.

That’s why you must avoid at all cost environments and people with bad vibrations, because they have the capacity to influence you greatly if you are not sufficiently strong. Places like bars and rock concerts, gangs are an example. Music can be very uplifting if it’s a devotional but it can be very dangerous if it’s the wrong kind. Because music is a distinct vibration that can not only can change conciseness, but it can also create it. So be careful of what kind of music you listen to. The best music to listen is yoga devotional chants.

Step #2

The next step is food. Food plays a very important role in terms of receiving good or destructive energy into our lives. And that’s mostly because when you eat you consciously take and therefore allow the vibrations of food to come and to settle into you. That’s why is so important to never eat in a restaurant, especially fast food restaurants if it’s not absolutely necessary. Because if you don’t know the vibrations of the people who prepare and handle this food. Every negative mood that the cook might have you are consciously taking and it becomes part of you. That’s the reason why mother’s food is always so delicious to her children. It isn’t possible that all the mothers and grandmothers in the world are excellent cooks, however if you ask anyone about the food that his or her mother or grandmother prepare for them they will tell you how wonderful it is. That’s only because of the love to her children. Those are not the quality of the food so much but the vibrations of love and happiness of the mother toward her children.

Step #3

The next step is physical contact. If you let’s say are an executive and you must shake hands with people you may find yourself exhausted at the end of the day. That’s because a physical contact with people with different kind of vibrations that can draw upon your energy without even realizing it. The solution to that is when you shake hands or have to meet always with people you don’t know think not about your ego or theirs but about how everything is God, you them ultimately everything is Satchitatnanda, ever existing ever conscious, ever new bliss. Everything is one, everything is love, and you will find at the end of the day that you have actually more energy instead of less.

Step #4

The next step is avowing to take any Alcohol at all or any illegal drugs. These substances have great negative influence not only over your body and health but over your vibrations and energy. Here is something rather shocking to you, but taking alcohol and drugs is very dangerous because it inhibits the power of your aura (Energy field which acts as a protective shield toward negative influence among other things) which makes it very easy for dark astral entities or demons to possess you temporarily or permanently. Have you ever heard about a drunkard or a person under the influence of illegal drugs that have been thrown in jail because while he was under the influence of those he killed someone and he didn’t even remember? Well many of these cases are possessions. The entity sees the opportunity to enter and take possession over your body while is less protected, does the evil and then is gone. My guru Paramhansa Yogananda has said that mental institutions are filled with people who are not crazy but actually are possessed by some dark entity. So be very careful what you are doing in respect of alcohol or drugs. You have been warned.

Here are 4 more very powerful yogic protective techniques against negative vibrations and harmful energy apart of what I have outlined for you so far:

First of all have only Loving uplifting and pure thoughts.

Thoughts energy and vibration and they will strengthen your aura and act as a shield against negative vibrations. Do not think negatively toward others because this will act as a boomerang and inevitably harm you in the future. It will also weaken your aura and it will make it possible for negative energy to affect the more easily.

The second technique is the use of a jappa or repetition of a mantra.

I have a specific video which I made a few weeks ago about this and you can see here. The mantra I use and in my guru suggested is the mantra Om guru tat sat. Concentrate in the spiritual light as much as you can throughout the day without any strain just the subtle attention and that point, and repeat mentally this mantra up as much as you can, while you make an invisible circle around your body like that touching hands behind your back and in front while repeating this mantra. When you make that circle, make sure to mentally strengthen your aura.

The third technique is an exercise which consist of mentally throwing a protective shield of light around your body.

And it’s done like that, John’s mentally home while you drool that circle of light above your head and at the side of your body like this few times throughout the day.

The forth technique is when you feel in some threatening situation

or/and you feel that someone is attacking you not only mentally, verbally or even physically you place a Blue Cross mentally in front of him. This is a technique which my guruji has been given to his disciples to protect themselves from harmful negative energies and it’s very very effective.

You can do these techniques every morning for every evening a few times, or you can do them as much as you can throughout the day or when you feel so.

Thank you so much for reading this presentation, and remember;

Love God, keep Him always in your thoughts, practice your sadhana, and live in joy. If you have received this Divine inspiration into your heart and you want to learn more about how to stop and neutralize bad energy, live in ever new Joy and achieve infinite bliss click here. God bless you. Namaste


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