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3 Easy Steps to Restful Meditation – The Definite Guide to Joy Happiness and Peace

Meditation, Spiritual Awakening

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By Ramananda

So you are into yoga, you practice yoga you already saw or at least you are on the way to see and feel its powerful health and spiritual benefits so many people already experiencing throughout the world and they multiply by the minute.

But in order to reap the real benefits every sincere yogi should strive to achieve and to complete the circle of the entire yoga science and philosophy you need to meditate. Before I go deeply into the tutorial of correct meditation, let me tell you quickly what meditation is and why you should learn and start meditating today:

Meditation is primarily a technique to discover our higher or spiritual nature. Yogis of ancient and modern times have been using meditation to seek wisdom and awareness. To discover a greater consciousness that includes a broader and true reality of life that we can’t see around us with open eyes.

The most accurate and exact definition of Meditation I can give you is a calm mind focused on the higher aspect of your own inner reality. In fact that’s the real purpose of all yoga practice; most people think that the physical yoga postures they practice have something to do only with the physical body. The ultimate goal of all yoga, including hatha yoga, however, goes beyond the physical benefits of yoga practice: It is to make the body healthy and strong enough so you can sit still in meditation and achieve higher states of awareness or merging your ego with Brhaman or the higher infinite self, this is a state of eternal bliss or Samadhi. That is the state that every yogi seeks and the final purpose of every yoga practice. Indeed yoga means “yok” or union. Union with what the ancient scriptures describe it as Satchitanada – Ever existing, ever conscious, ever new bliss.

Meditation is the science of reuniting the soul with Spirit. The Soul, descending from God into flesh, manifests its conciseness and life force through seven chakras, or centers of light in man’s cerebrospinal axis. As a prove that reuniting the body and mind with eternal spirit or yoga (yok or union) is the final purpose of all spiritual practices of the world’s spiritual disciplines get this; These are the “seven stars” and “seven churches” spoken of by St. John in the so little-understood book of Revelation in the Bible. Encased in the bodily prison, the soul consciousness and life force become identified with the physical vehicle and its mortal limitations.

Properly practiced meditation awakens the soul conciseness in the seven cerebrospinal centers. In a state of divine reollectedness, the soul intuitively realizes its immortal nature and origin. The various progressive states of soul awakening are accompanied by an ever increasing accession of inner peace and joy. In the most exalted states, soul and Spirit become reunited in ecstatic, blissful communion, or Samadhi.

So, by meditation, what we actually do is connecting the little joy of the body and mind identified soul with the vast joy of Spirit. Many people think that meditation is just an ordinary concentration. But nothing could be further from the truth. The actual truth however, is that concentration is just one little part of the meditation process. Concentration in meditation is used only to liberate you form restlessness and to help you focus on Spirit and some of its qualities; like Joy, Bliss, Power, Beauty, Light, Love etc…in just a few words meditation is concentration used to know God, or Spirit or whatever God means to you.

Starting Meditation – Proper Posture

One of the first requisites for meditation is the correct posture. One of the most important things to always remember is that, you always have to keep your spine erect during meditation. It will be ideal if you remember yourself to keep your spine erect at all times throughout the day. Bended spine will only get you troubles and problems. Also is good to know that healthy and straight spine will bestow you with good health, and youthful body and attitude. Keeping the spine erect specially during meditation is super important because when the devotee is seeking to direct his mind and life force upward through the cerebrospinal axis to the centers of higher conciseness in the brain, he should avoid bending and therefore pinching of the spinal nerves caused by improper posture.

If you are flexible enough and you can sit with ease in a cross-legged position in Siddhasana (The perfect pose) or in Padmasana (The lotus pose) in a cushion on the floor, or on a firm bed, that’s fine. But if you are like most people in today’s modern times accustomed so much to the normal chair sited position I recommend you the following meditation pose:

Sit on a armless chair. (Like in the picture on the left) Keep your back straight. Bring the shoulders on the back a little bit together. Abdomen in. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Chin parallel to the ground. Place your hands on your legs. Think of your body as a bow, where the front of the body is the wood of the bow and your spine is like the string of the bow. Always string the bow a bit so you can obtain the arch of the chest and feel the spine straighten. If the correct posture has been assumed, the body will be stable and relaxed, Remain completely still, without moving a muscle. Now just be in this position, is very easy one to assume.

Every part and detail which I have described to you above is a very important contributing factor toward the main aim of the meditation posture – an erect spine, held stable without strain or tension for the duration of the meditation period. If you experience any difficulty or strain or discomfort in maintaining your meditation posture, is because you haven’t sited in a proper manner as I have described above. Of course as everybody is different, if you feel that you need to adjust your posture make whatever commonsense adjustments are necessary to your individual need, but strive always toward accomplishing the ideal posture recommended here.

After you have established the meditation pose, let’s start the actual meditation. Start first with a technique of relaxation of the body. Sit quietly with the spine straight on the floor or in a chair, close your eyes, relax and try to withdraw mentally from all those things which are part of your life. In order to relax your body and mind before every meditation is very important to always free yourself from all worries, anxieties, attachments and material desires. Calm your mind and just let go from the world around you. Then let your breath flow in and out naturally, of its own accord, as in ordinary breathing.

With the eyelids half closed, (Or completely closed, if this is more comfortable for you), look upward, focusing the gaze and the attention as though looking out through a point between the eyebrows. (A person deep in concentration often “knits” his brows at this spot). Think about why when someone tries to concentrate, to think about something he naturally tends to look forward and upward. That’s because the point between the eyebrows is the natural spot for concentration and meditation. Do not cross the eyes or strain them; the upward gaze comes naturally when one is relaxed and calmly concentrated. What is important is to fix your whole attention at the point between the eyebrows. This is the Christ Consciousness center, the seat of the single eye spoken by Christ: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). When the purpose of meditation is fulfilled, the devotee finds his consciousness automatically concentrated at the spiritual eye, and he experiences, according to his inner capacity, a state of joyous divine union with Spirit.

Making a steadfast effort, meditating twice a day, as I have described you above you may start perceiving the light, or even see the spiritual eye of three colors – a reflection of the actual luminous eye in the medulla oblongata (at the base of the spine where it joins the neck). This single eye of light reflected in the forehead is the astral eye of intuitive omnipresent perception. That is the best thing that can comes from your meditation. This is the gate to heaven. If you continue to concentrate in this light you can eventually penetrate it and encounter yourself in a realm of everlasting bliss, state of ecstasy that you have ever thought possible. That is the higher state of conciseness every being aspire to. Even if they don’t know it, everyone is looking for this eternal state of bliss consciously or unconsciously. Only that for some beings it takes really really long time and for other like you that you are reading this right now, they start meditating the right way and break free forever.

Although it takes deep concentration and calmness to behold the spiritual eye; a golden halo surrounding a circle of blue, in the center of which palpitates a five pointed white star, you have to make a strong livelong commitment to meditate until you see it. As this is the state everyone of us is looking for. A state of Satchitananda – ever existing, ever conscious, ever new bliss. There is no greater state of joy and bliss than that. Nothing on earth can be compared to that infinite Divine joy. No even a billions of earthly pleasures. As the great yogi Paramhansa Yogananda once said. Divine Joy is billions of earthly joys crushed into one”

Ok these are the 3 Easy Steps to Proper Meditation. Now, if you like to learn more and take your meditation practice to the next level, I have done a wonderful breakthrough meditation program which will help you achieve Joy Happiness and Peace in as little as 5 min per day.

I think is a brilliant program, she has helped many people and they got really good results from her program, and she will specifically show you how to do meditation while you relax, and get cool, calm and collected in no time and on your schedule. So if you like to have some good old fashion, here’s how you do it, all you have to do is click on the link below this article which will take you to her site, I think her product is very very helpful, and it can really help you out if you would like to learn on how to meditate properly. That’s the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope it will make you improve your body and mind and inspire you, and Ill talk to you later.

Joy to You

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