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#1 Way to Remove Bad Karma

Karma and Reincarnation, Spiritual Awakening

karma-and-reincarnationToday I want to talk to you about how to remove your bad karma. But first, let me tell you what karma is. Well, karma is essentially action and the consequence of that action. Cause and effect. It’s one of the Divine laws that is part of the whole creation. Every physical it’s noting but just a grosser expression of some Divine spiritual law. For example the law of Physics of Newton, which you may very well know which says every action has its equal or opposite reaction, is just a grosser expression of the more subtle law of Karma. The law of gravity is based on love and attraction. Atoms in the Universe are attracted by each other and held together by Love. The great love of the infinite Spirit from which everything emanates.

In the Bhagavad Gita the one of the Greatest yoga scriptures of all times, Lord Krishna who represents God, teaches his friend Arjuna yoga who represents the yoga devotee, says;

He who knows Me as unborn and beginningless, as the great Lord of the worlds, he, among mortals, is undeluded; and he is liberated from all sins.

Intellect, wisdom, non-delusion, forgiveness, truth, self-restraint, calmness, happiness, pain, birth or existence, death or non-existence, fear and also fearlessness, Non-injury, equanimity, contentment, austerity, fame, beneficence, ill-fame—(these) different kinds of qualities of beings arise from Me alone.

Watch it on video:

I  am  the  source  of  all;  from  Me  everything  evolves;  understanding  thus,  the  wise, endowed with meditation, worship Me. With their minds and lives entirely absorbed in Me, enlightening each other and always speaking of Me, they are satisfied and delighted. To  them  who  are  ever  steadfast,  worshiping  Me  with  love,  I  give  the  Yoga  of discrimination by which they achieve eternal freedom in Me

Whether they know it or not even government laws are based on spiritual laws. Every civilized country has laws against stealing, murder, injury, violence etc…and enforces punishment to anyone who fails to comply with those laws. Similarly, but infinitely more refined, extensive and accurate are the Divine laws, and the laws of karma. And unlike material laws, they apply instantly to every human being, regardless of race, religious beliefs or nationality. And you need not be caught by anyone in order to suffer the consequences of your bad deeds or reap the benefits of your good deeds. Many people still think that they can get ahead of others by taking advantage of them, inflicting suffering to other beings, be humans or animals by stealing, lying, murdering or by any other kind of violence.

But guess what, it doesn’t matter, whether people believe in the law of karma or not, whether some of them still think that they can escape justice and their bad deeds go unpunished they are greatly mistaken, unlike the government or the police spirit is everywhere. God is everywhere, He is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, he sees everything, he knows every thought you think. You simply cannot escape his laws.

However God is no tyrant. He created these laws in order to protect us from suffering and delusion, and to help us realize that egoism bad karma and wrong attitudes will only create for us a sense of further separation from Him and therefore increase our suffering. And also to help us realize that good karma, right attitudes and devotion will bring us closer to Him and therefore give us more and more joy until one day we merge with His infinite bliss. He loves us infinitely, it is said that God has everything but one thing, and that’s our love. He loves us so much that he won’t impose his will on us, he will wait as long as is necessary until one day we realize that material desires and suffering are not the way to infinite joy and we finally turn over to Him. God doesn’t punishes us, we essentially punish ourselves by the misuse and abuse of His laws.

The law of karma is very accurate. The absurd beliefs of some people that you can go to hell forever is just inaccurate and it doesn’t make any sense at all. First because it contradicts with one of the Divine laws which is a finite cause cannot have an infinite effect, and second, because God loves us too much to cast us in hell forever for just one or several wrong deeds

Let me tell you a little story;

One day the great yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda was invited in the home of famous Cristian minister in the United States. As they where talking the minister pointed a few remarks how God judges us and you will burn in hell for ever if you are a sinner. As they were talking, Yogananda asked him well you have a son haven’t you? The minister said sadly oh, yes he is giving me a lot of trouble, and indeed his son was behaving badly in the last few years, he was most of the days drunk, getting into fights and troubles. Then Yoganada said, well I have just the cure for your son do not worry, The minister was so happy and he exclaimed, oh, thank you so much what what would that be? Then Yogananda said you have a stove in your kitchen a big stove haven’t you? The minister well…yes..then Yogananda said and its big stove has a big door? Then the minister looked at him with a frown and said well…yes what do you mean why are you asking me this? Then Yogananda said, Here is the thing, you wait the next time your son comes home drunk you make sure to light the stove to be burning before that and leave the door open, then somehow coax him near the stove and when he is near enough kick it and shove it quickly in the stove so he can burn…just in this moment the minister got up on his feet and screamed how dare you, out of my house you stupid. And just at that moment Yogananda smiled sweetly and said to him, see, you love your son so much that no matter what you do you will never burn him in the stove, imagine how much more is God’s love and how much more he loves us, how can you think then that God will cast anyone of his children in hell forever. Then the mister started crying and hugged Yoganada with tears of love.

Rather, the law of karma works like this;

Every deed and even every thought you think counts, and it creates a vibration in the ether the quality of which depends of whether is in accord with the divine law or not and then comes back to you.

For instance if you think good thoughts, uplifting and loving thoughts the vibrations and magnetism of those thoughts will attract good circumstances and events that will bring joy and harmony into your life. And in the contrary, if you think bad thoughts, you wish ill to someone or wish him harm or evil, this thought will have similar negative effect on that person but the boomerang effect that will create on you, will have even greater negative impact on your life than on the other person. In yoga is said that any negative thought directed toward other living being is equal or very similar to black magic. It creates very very bad karma and it will sooner or later brings you great suffering and sorrow. So become conscious of your thoughts and don’t pollute your conciseness and create bad karma with negative thoughts toward others or you. Know that whatever people did to you, they will attract to themselves. You are not responsible for others thoughts or behavior, you are only responsible for what you think and do. Leave them deal with their karma which will sooner or later inevitably come to them.

The same thing goes with deeds and actions. If you commit violence (any kind of violence toward any other living being) the same amount of violence one day will come back to you. Now karma is not always instant, it will get back to you when you are ready karmicaly speaking to learn the lesson, and it may not come even in this lifetime. That’s why people are so confused when they hear about some ruthless criminal or dictator dies peacefully in his bed. They hear that and think that there is no justice in the world, but that’s why they don’t understand the law of karma and its inseparable companion; Reincarnation. The yoga scriptures say that a soul would go trough 5 to 8 million lives to just reach the human level. The jiva (your individual spirit) evolves through many lifetimes and when you finally reach the human level that’s where your responsibility to find God and with that your obligation to comply with the law of karma really begins, because when you reach the human level in the ladder of spiritual evolution you reach a certain point of awareness and your nervous system becomes capable to perceive higher reality.

The criminal who kills innocent people, or the dictator who out of sheer greed, and egoic desire for power sends thousands or millions of people to die will inevitably suffer the same amount of evil over his own self. No less no more. The law of karma is exact, and just. You will reap what you saw. If someone let’s say drawn another person, he will attract the same circumstances to his own self, and if he lives all his live far from the ocean, the karmic event will have to wait until he is born in some future life near to the ocean where his karmic lesson can be unfolded and he is accidentally or to be drawn by another person. But for a person who takes multiple lives he will have to be born and killed multiple times in multiple lifetimes until his karmic debt is paid in full. A great yogi once said that Stalin have to suffer a 100,000 more lifetimes until he pays his karmic debt.

That’s why sometimes a baby can be born crippled or blind, or we see some seemingly unjust occurrence when a young man is killed in a gang fight or in an unfortunate accident. People often exclaim that life is unjust, that God don’t actually care for our well being, and that’s because they don’t see beyond the vial of ordinary human life where subtle karmic laws are in play and past lives deeds have to be all redeemed.

Here’s a little story that can reflect what I want to convey to you:

One say Sariputta who was one of the most advanced disciples of Buddha, while traveling through India spreading the teachings of his master he came to a small village where he witnessed how some woman was holding a baby in one hand and at the same time with the other was giving a dog a sardine. Suddenly with his clairvoyant spiritual vision came to him and he was able to see what all they were in their past lives. This woman in the past was married to a cruel husband who was often beaten by him. She fell in love with another man, her husband conspired with his equally cruel father and they killed him. Now this same woman was holding a baby in her arms, which was the man she felt in love with, the sardine was her ruthless husband, and the dog, his father. All of them had been reunited again, but this time in very different circumstances.

Although most of the time karma it’s not so instant in same cases it can be very very instant, and what better way to describe this than a short video: Video in the folder

Now, actually karma is much more complex than that and it can get very complicated, and can’t fit everything in this short presentation but after viewing it till the end you will know more about karma than 99.9% of people out there. There are different types of karma, there is also mass karma, karma of whole galaxies, planets, nations, families. If you for example find yourself in a war where you fight a for a righteous cause a ruthless tyrant who has invaded your country you will not get bad karma from it. But if you follow the orders of an evil dictator and you kill innocent people for the egoistical cause of power and control like the soldiers of nazi Germany for example you will have to suffer the consequences. In the 19 50s The great yoga guru Parmhansa Yogananda was once asked whether the American soldiers who were fighting in the war in Korea where getting bad karma. He replied that no, because they were fighting for a righteous cause, and it wasn’t for them the whole world will be enslaved.

So what is the solution, how do you remove your bad karma?

And how do you stop creating any other bad karma for yourself.

There is great news, because karma is not fixed and it can be transmuted. A saint is nothing but a sinner, who never gave up. In the Bhagavad gita Lord Krishna himself makes a promise by saying that even the greatest of sinners if the practice of yoga and worships only me, he will quickly come unto me.

The most important step is to stop creating bad karma, and we will talk about what you need to do and not do later on, is doing bhakti yoga or yoga of love and devotion. The best way to stop creating karma is called nishkam karma, so is to say action without desiring the result of that action. What is to say, act only because you love of God. Of course your actions has to be inspired by love, forgiveness, and desire to uplift and help others, and they must not be inspired by ego driven motivations such as power over others or revenge. In this way your actions will be like writing into water, you will leave no trail. Now you may not be so spiritually advanced to understand that, and if that’s the case just work with whatever you feel comfortable, and after some time you can start doing that when the time comes. If you do what I describe here when the time comes your karma might be to lose a leg but you will only going to get a scratch.

Then next not less important step is right attitudes. This is best outlined in the 8 fold path of the Patanjali’s yoga sutras, which are yama, nyama, pranayama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and Samadhi.

The main ones you need to focus on for the purpose of this video are the yamas and the nyamas. I will only go briefly over them simply because this short presentation will not be enough to cover all but if you are really serious and you want to know everything on how to remove your bad karma you have to click the link below this video.

The first stage of Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga are so called yamas or the don’ts:

They are

Non-Violence or (Ahimsa)


Non Stealing

Non-Sensuality or Brahmacharya

Non-Greed or Non-Attachment

The second stage is called the nyamas or the does whish are




Self-Study or Introspection and Devotion to the Supreme Lord

Do what I outlined for you in this presentation and you will soon be on the road to perfect freedom.

Thank you so much for reading this presentation, and remember; Love God, keep Him always in your thoughts, practice your sadhana, and live in joy. If you have received this Divine inspiration into your heart and you want to learn more about how to remove your bad karma, live in ever new Joy and achieve infinite bliss click the link below this video. God bless you. Namaste


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