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“Learn Yoga and Meditation Online – How to Get the Most From Online Yoga and Transform Your Body, Mind, And Spirit no Matter Whether You Are a Complete Beginner or an Advanced Yogi”

If you practice yoga asanas online or at a local yoga class even rarely, you already must know how beneficial and uplifting yoga can be. However, if you want yoga to take you to the next level of health and wellbeing, you must learn how exactly to do the yoga asanas properly so you can be rewarded with its transcendental benefits.

In this article, I am going to teach you how exactly you have to perform the yoga asanas and get the most from your physical or hatha yoga routine, no matter whther you are looking to learn online yoga for beginners, intermediate or an advanced Your intention behind any action determines the outcome you get in anything in life. I always stress my yoga students that is awfully important what is your intention, your attitude and your thoughts behind any yoga asana you perform in your online yoga practice or at the gym. That means that you have to choose your thoughts wisely. Not only in your daily yoga practice but in life also. Doing relaxation in savasana, or getting on your head in Sirhsasana the headstand, may get you closer to your health and wellness goal or closer to enlightenment, but if you are not wise enough in your yoga practice it can also take you away from it.

Big role of whether you will or you will not get the benefits depends of your intention and thoughts before and during your yoga practice.

This is something that all yogis must learn and remember, especially those who are new and they are looking for yoga for beginners; Yoga teaches since the beginning that thoughts generate energy and then froze and create our reality. Thoughts and words can be very powerful tools which we can use either to improve and transcend or to weaken and cast ourselves even deeper into delusion. By choosing carefully our thoughts and the words we use to describe our inner reality, we can affect positively our bodies and transform our reality into a wonderful realm which can brings you health, happiness and peace of mind.

Here are few techniques you can use in order to get the maximum physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of your yoga practice and bring you closer to realise who you really are and helps you attain self realisation:

Stand with your feet together. Elongate the spine and lift your neck all to the top of your head. Close your eyes and relax your whole body. Find your breath. Bring the hands together in the heart center. Bring your attention to your inner self. Remember Yoga is about to unify you with your hire self, with your soul. Relax in that posture and feel deep within you a pure presence, pure awareness. This is your soul. Honor your soul, honor the self. Without inner recognition of the divine Yoga becomes mechanical or ineffective. 

Now say this beautiful affirmation either out loud or silently to yourself;

O infinite spirit, make me an instrument for Thy Will. Not mine but Thy Will be done. Free me from anger, jealousy and fear. Fill my heart with love and compassion. Fill my mind with Thy courage and determination. Recharge my body with Thy ever new joy. Youth of body and mind, abide with me for ever and ever. (Chan Om tree times)

When you practice the yoga asanas for beginners, intermediate or advanced you have to practice them with focus and intent. And practice mainly with joy. Don’t just sit there and wait to joy to come to you. You need to be joyful first and then happiness and joy will be always with you. Click here to learn more about how to be joyful and happy all the time

I will give you an example:

Let’s imagine for a moment two people making this yoga asana. One is quite flexible. And can easily move into a Yoga posture, but without focus or intent, he is not doing Yoga. He is dreaming about what he will eat for dinner or whatever. And let’s imagine another person. He has stiff muscles. All that just means his tendons are shorter. Is not that he is worse or anything like that. And he only move this much into a posture. But he is breathing with focus and intent. This person is actually doing Yoga. See the video below:

By doing those etchings that I have showed you here, your practice will be infused with joy and selfless intention. With consistent and sincere practice you will eventually and inevitably transform your body and mind and free your spirit into infinite skies of bliss, also helping to others.

Share your thoughts below and ask me any question about this article. I will be more than happy to help.

Joy to You


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