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Happy Students

  • Beyond the profound sense of peace and happiness that I experienced after I took the online yoga classes at YogaForEternalBliss, the most profound change I received was the expanded awareness and the sense of spiritual enlightenment. The yoga asanas and the prayers I learned allowed my heart to open and to feel the intense love of God. My life will never be the same. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

    Allana FitzGerald Allana FitzGerald 39, Business owner – Dublin, Ireland
    Allana FitzGerald
  • I've been practicing yoga for 3 years but it was never enough for me because I always felt that something is missing. I knew yoga can give you much more benefits than from what I’ve been experiencing so far. Even though I was improving a little, it wasn’t what I expected. Then I found YogaForEternalBliss. I bought the raja yoga and meditation courses and I got a private consultation with one of the teachers – Rama. The difference is enormous. I now look and feel so much better, I am improving each and every day! I feel stronger, I look and feel radiant, calm, and peaceful. For me, from now on, this is the place to learn yoga and the secrets of life.

    Isabel Shaw Isabel Shaw – 42, Marketing manager – Leeds, United Kingdom
    Isabel Shaw
  • I never realized yoga and meditation could do so much for not only my body, but also for my mind until I took Rama’s online yoga classes at YogaForEternalBliss. Everything just shifted for the better. My emotional well-being, my moods, I lost in the process, I got stronger and I got more muscle tone. Thank you so much for your love and support.

    Sarah Rhodes Sarah Rhodes - 24, School teacher, Charlotte, United States
    Sarah Rhodes

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